Announcing Our Winter Short Story Contest: $500 Prize and Publication in Our Arts Quarterly A&P


It was cold in Seattle that January. Then it turned out we had been dead the whole time. We had not been expecting that and were quite shocked.

The End.

You can just send that $500 directly to my house, please.
@1 Nuh uh! I've concocted a story involving sparkle vampires, wizards, BDSM, catholic conspiracies, and a red wedding.

It's called it "50 Thrones of the Twilight Code: Deathly Hallows."

It's a shoe-in

I was hoping for Fnarf/Will slash fiction.
I am a judge and I say @1 is in the lead so far. I didn't see that twist coming!
Winter time eh? "it was July 4th and we were putting our blankets in the car for watching fireworks later that evening."
It was a dark and drippy night. Chris(topher?), a differently-abled, GGG transsexual, rode her(his?), bicycle down the deserted street to where a fat, bearded man stood, whining.

"Mayor McGinn!" Chris(topher?) said, as (s)he dismounted the velocipede and waddled toward the disconsolate man. "Off your diet again?"
Sorry, I won't be able to send in a 1200 word story as you see I don't know anything about Seattle in the winter tme. But I have written a 125,000 word western, titled "CHAD'TU". Read it, it's a great story.
Kelsie R. Gates
Thanks for doing this.
It was a smoggy and stormy night.

The cold pollution-filled rain streamed down upon Seattle, a town bereft of views from the Viaduct, as the tech-enabled zombies roamed the South Lake Union neighborhood in search of Republican Street.

Not satisfied with the drowned corpses of the 50,000 trapped in the below sea level Deeply Buried Tunnel, they had moved on in search of the brains of those whose very cars had created them, plundering the Chihulhy Glass Museum in search of fleeing Gates Foundation executives, in a vain search for brains.
I think I'll call that one "Glass Shaker".
I'm 100% Team Fnarf when it comes to Will in Seattle, but "as the tech-enabled zombies roamed the South Lake Union neighborhood in search of Republican Street" is pretty amazing stuff.
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Will you be having another winter short story contest this year?