If Only HP CEO Meg Whitman Had the Chance to Run California "a Little Bit More Like a Business"


This Californicating voter thanks Minerva every goddamn day that we dodged that bullet.

And hey, despite our famously dysfunctional legislature and propensity to make laws via the ballot box, we're on the verge of a budget surplus.
Also, we enacted legislation that mirrors Obamacare on the state level and are cheerfully forging ahead with adding millions of former potential deadbeat ER patients to the Medi-Cal rolls, well in advance of Jan. 2014 or whatever date the Obama administration pushes the deadline back to satisfy whiny Republicans.
Shrew business, for sure!
Please stop saying that these CEOs "earned" their multi-million dollar salaries. They may have been paid that much, but they didn't "earn" it the way 'real workers' 'earn' their paychecks.
What Robt @1 and @2 said. In spades. Those of us who had watched Whitman's "management" at other corporations are so grateful she's not in the capital.
To be fair to Whitman, she's the one reporting this fraud, not the one who committed it, or the one who bought the stupid thing in the first place. Apotheker is the genius who pulled off that coup, stripping HP of $30 billion of its market valuation in the process (not including today's writeoff, or today's market cap crash) -- for which he was punished with a $3 mil bonus on top of the rest of his golden parachute.

If this proceeds as a legal matter in the courts, which I hope, it's going to be Apotheker who stands in the dock, not Whitman.

I'm not boosting her CEO skills any; just giving uncredit where uncredit is due.

So SLOG now supports an asset tax...right?

At this point I am impressed with the admitting of error.

There are a bunch of people in power who wouldn't acknowledge any error under any circumstances: including decisions directly resulting in Chapter 7.

I used to have higher standards.

I've been waiting for someone to jump on this. HP has a few acquisition doozies like this under her leadership.

I don't know why so many people insist—seeking a more difficult challenges? ego?—that the success they had in business best qualifies them to govern any more than an NBA player's training would make him a better astronaut.
Fnarf beat me to it. I bow to no man in my loathing of Meg Whitman, but this one is in no way her fault: this is all on Leo Apotheker and the idiots at KPMG and Deloitte, neither of which company I expect to exist this time next year.
B R E A K I N G - HP Acquisition fails miserably.
Hmmmm....you mean like these creatures below?



(Yo, Goldy dood, please take Paul Constant aside and slap him around a bit, to get the word to him to quit mentioning the name of that pile of useless bullcrap, Mitt Romney.

We're sick of hearing about the Twitt and the Moron Church!)
Economist Richard Wolff does a great riff on the more general philosophical folly of efficiency.

"Efficiency is a method of browbeating your political and ideological rival into believing that there is a final resolution to your debate; an absolute truth that all of your disagreements have to bow down to."