The Perfect Gift for the Nerdy Woman on Your Christmas List


They make great stocking gifts too.
I have been a dork forever. This actually appeals to me, except for the ad bs. I sit in bars and read books, comic novels too. I dont expect to look like Rogue, but I sure as hell don't want that advertised to me. Do guys get advertised that they should look buff like batman or wolverine? I am 35, 5'4, and a 135 lbs. I don't look like the girls they portray. I don't pick up a console. I am not a gamer. What would be there for me? or are girl geeks just girl gamers?
Independent of the fact that it matters, Geek Girl Con is also just pretty cool and you should go. It's the only con I bother checking out the vendor tables at, for one thing.

@2, last year's schedule featured a bunch of gaming content, sure, but also a lot else. There was pop media content of all sorts, books and comics and TV shows and webseries, and if that's not your cup of tea - it's not mine, really - there were also a lot of social-issues panels that were related in some way to topics considered "geeky." There were a couple of panel discussions about online harassment and bullying, a seminar by an attorney teaching other women how to negotiate, and an appearance by Violet Reign and Phoenix Jones. The latter was actually a pretty interesting event even if you're not a fan of Jones, because it was as much about her domestic violence prevention campaign as it was about their "origin stories."

The thing about Geek Girl Con is that it's actually Geek Feminist Con by a name that's less threatening to some people.
@2 - Geek Girl Con works hard to be inclusionary for all kinds of women - colors, shapes, sexualities, genders, dis/abilities, parental status or whatever. What "ad bs" are you referring to? I bet they'd want to know about it if it's sending a weird message.
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