Does the Seattle Rain Feel Different This Winter?


DejaVu, but having lived here since the 80's, I've also noticed that the rain is coming down harder than the soft sprinkles of the past.
Every winter is different. Last winter had a long dry spell, so we're really noticing the rain this year. Yes, it may be rainier than last, but the rain is not exceptional.
Oh, for chrissakes, you're talking about TWO DAYS. And it was just nine years ago that the rain came down far harder than it did Sunday and Monday -- do you not remember the FIVE INCHES we got on 20 Oct 2003? An all-time record? And now you're ascribing Sunday to global warming? You realize it was just a few months ago when everyone was freaking out that there was NO rain, right?

It's Seattle weather. Surely you're used to it by now. Y'all are reminding me of the surfer who gets off the plane in Boston in February wearing flip flops and saying "whoa, dude, it is always this cold here? This doesn't seem right to me, bra".
I would be looking for longer term patterns. But some friends in California have seen rain that damaged their roofs and flooded areas they've never seen before.
You guys need to visit wetland area annually in the winter. I grew up in Pierce County near a creek. Every Thanks Giving w/o fail our road would be threatened by flooding because of November rains. Quite a few times it did flood and few times my school bus had to try to drive through it or we were required to walk through it.

BUT Cliff Mass said earlier this year that weak El Nino / La Nino years (which this is because I guess neither is forming in the Pacific) produces more extreme storms.
@1: Yikes. Slog has certain time bending powers, and when the above was created the below didn't yet exist—hence the double. Rain on the brains!
This was just posted last night! It's the previous post!

Boy, we must really be worried.

(And no, it's not that much different. A little warmer with some downpours, but that's it.)
Hah, I guess he actually touched on this topic the other day:

Does it REALLY rain all the time in Seattle?
You have heard the complaint--in fact, you may have made it yourself: It seems like it is ALWAYS raining around here during the winter. Endless precipitation.

The funny thing, it really isn't true. Let me prove it to you.…
Winters have been getting colder, and summers have been getting hotter. Remember the 109-degree summer? A lot of people fried because many places just don't have AC installed... we never needed it when 70 was the high in summer.
Glad to see you posting on Slog again, Eli.
Not sure if the rain seems any harder this year, but it is definitely wetter.
Cribbing Frizzelle's thoughts. Is this what you do after you get a Pulitzer?

To the point - it's much worse this year. It's windier, the rain is more...awful. Either bigger and wetter, or smaller and more piercing. Hopefully it's an anomaly.
When the real revolution comes and Nate Silver becomes dictator for life, you Stranger people will be the first against the wall.
It's bright sunshine outside right now. Harder, crazier, gnarlier sunshine than ever before. Go look.
Go just a few hundred miles north and this is the kind of rain you get nonstop from October through December in Southeast Alaska.
November is often the worst month for rain. It seems worse than it is because we remember the average or the end of the previous winter and black out the previuos November.
@15 AAUGH global warming!!??!!
Sun's out.

Oh, and it's not fucking winter yet.
It's because you're older, and the rain just isn't fun anymore. Also, it's winter there?
anyone remember that 30-odd-days of rain 6 or so years ago. yawn. winter is weird. november is particularly gnarly. every year. maybe it's getting weirder. but in terms of predicted climate change impacts, this region is relatively mellow. beats the desert anyhow!
Hell yeah it's different. No seven shades of grey like usual- I've lived here all my life and it is more like I associate with trips to Southeast Alaska.