Economic Impact of SSM


Thank you for your tax contributions to Seattle, King County, and Washington State.

Unfortunately, some of that went to support the tax-subsidized wastrels in the East side of the state ...
Here are some more data that demonstrate some of the economic benefits of being a homo-loving city. Thanks, gays! You're good for the economy.
Rats. Missed opportunity. I went to the party at Q and had a great time. Would've liked to introduce myself and say "hi". Glad you and your lady were able to be here for Dan and Terry's wedding. Seattle outdid itself on Sunday. It was an amazing day.
Attending a gay wedding: $1,147.43

Freedom to marry: Priceless
What about airfare?
@4 for the win!
@3 sorry to have missed you!
@1 as a socialist at heart, happy to subsidize even republican shitheads.
@5: Maybe marginally relevant, if they flew Alaska Air.
@5 Flew Southwest, so didn't count airfare. Or Amtrak either.
"Imagine if the brother had had more time to plan a really big gay wedding!"

Personally, I think he was forced to have had much MORE time than he should have had to have had... :(

While watching the news coverage (wonderful as it was), I made the comment to my wife that I was surprised that there was such a rush to do it quickly, cheaply and in a large groups. Why the rush? Why not take your time and actually live the dream...and do the big, fabulous gay wedding?

...and then my wife reminded me that there's the lingering spectre present that this long overdue opportunity could all be taken away from them somehow...

And that made me understand. (And sad.) (And angry.)
@9 it could be that many of those folks have already had their commitment ceremony/huge bashes. I know of two couples who married on Sunday, and both had already had their "wedding receptions" a while ago, after marrying either somewhere else or while this law was pending enactment
Of course my nephew and his husband (married in Massachusetts, superlavish ceremony at a rented estate, destination overseas reception afterward) chose Sunday to let the family know they've separated and the divorce is all but final. Hmph. My people are nothing if not contrarians.
@11 Talk to Goldy about it.
Imagine how much economic activity the shooter in Portland generated.....

EMTs....cops....ER staff....investigators....reporters....coroner....funeral director....

now just imagine if the loser had managed to off 30 or 40 people.


Economic Boom!
@12 no kidding.

More Money Spent!!

divorce clerks....


Homosexual Divorce is an Economic Engine!!!

go do your duty, faggots.
@6 is correct that @4 knocked it out of the park.
If Seattle had a college football bowl like real cities do it would generate more economic activity than a decade of homosexual "marriages"....
I'll have you know Bastille is in Ballard, sir!
Hey C Fan; don't forget the $15 you gave the 14 year old runaway boy at the bus station to blow you....
Only $12 on coffee? I will never understand these foreigners.
And yes, @16 is correct about @6 being correct that @4 knocked it out of the park.
Sorry no time to plan a Big Wedding, Bro....

Danny's baby bump was starting to show.
@9, My fiance and I are waiting till next summer for our wedding, so that all the widespread family can come. Were it not for that consideration, we would have been lined up to do it on Sunday. We've been waiting for over 25 years, and that is a long, long, long time to wait.
@20 I'm only counting the cash I and my sweetie spent. Lots of free coffee at the B and B, and the brother got me several coffees while we were silently writing side by side. Sorry that Bastille is in Ballard, but it's all the same to this auslander.