Look for the Helpers


That's a nice alternative way of looking at it.
And keep in mind that over the last couple of years teachers in our country (and their union) have been demonized.

We all want good, solid teachers for our children but remember they are people doing a difficult job. And, the one person standing between your child and a bullet may be a school staff member.
Except the helpers remind me that some of the victims died helping and now their help is forever denied to us. Is it ok if watching the helpers makes me want to rip out the nearest gun owner's windpipe with my teeth instead?
My sister sent me a link today, and after following it, my reply was "Thanks, I really needed that". That also happened to be the exact same reply I got from those I passed the link on to.

Here it is: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/moments-t…
Fred Rogers was a truly good Christian. I miss him...
@4 I have tears in my eyes but thank you - I did need to see all that today and be reminded of all the good people in the world.