Charles Mudede's Greatest Moments of 2012


Can someone teach Mudede where the Shift key is?
Charles, watch that Trapped In The Closet DVD's commentary for more miracles:…
TITC. Finally watched it, couldn't stop singing everything I was doing. For weeks.
Charles is still my favorite Stranger writer. Even when he's profoundly, embarrassingly wrong, which he is not infrequently, you just can't look away.
R. Kelly is illiterate AND insane. He's only funny when he's trying to be serious. The second part of TITC (!), --when he's realized that audience has been laughing at the the first film because its attempting to be serious and reads as bad camp-- he actually tries to be funny, and fails dismally.

I'm glad I saw it. I will never watch that film again. With my beretta.
I went out of my way to avoid watching the R Kelly movie, after having seen a few of the videos that make it up.

Charles is still my favorite Stranger writer.
I did see Tree of Life, and I hated it MORE.
Does this mean I can skip all of his terrible moments next year, then read Mudede's greatest hits of 2013? Best. Christmas. Ever.
cienna, good to know you're ok with all the disgusting sexist shit he writes.
"you just can't look away"

@4 i like it

it's weird how his writing makes perfect sense but is also completely wrong (most of the time) simultaneously

edit: i am unashamed in my life for mudede and loved reading that
Every circus needs a clown.
Te amo, Mudede
This is a Mudede we can all agree to love. It's the other one, the one I read daily, that sometimes comes at me wrong.
Let's all just contemplate the deep philosophical meaning of one of his greatest moments of 2012 occurring in 2011, shall we?