I Regret to Inform You the World Is Ending Tomorrow


i'm going to go to work and smoke hella weed

my job is to predict asteroid paths
I finished my first semester of med school this morning. Now I will nap and watch a movie (same time!) before drinking my face off at 2 parties, starting with true martini's and ending by double fisting cheap bubbly. Oh, also sex.
I think we need a legally-binding Slog poll on this one.
I'm getting a sick tattoo on my chest!
So shouldn't Australia be under the sea or something? They must be celebrating summer solstice along the beaches out there right now instead.
A whole bag of chocolate chip cookies.
It's already tomorrow in Sydney, AU, which, when I last checked in, still seemed to be slumbering peacefully; lights still on, no conflagrations or scores of vehicles wrecked by those suddenly "taken up". In fact it all looks pretty much liek what you'd expect at 4:45 in the morning.

So, I have to say: science wins this round - again. But not to worry you Apocalystas: somebody is sure to predict another end to the world in a couple of years - I mean, don't they always?
Hmmmm, I'm going to have a prime rib dinner and bake some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (what I've always said would be my last meal if I were on death row).

Then I'm going to play video games with my boyfriend and maybe smoke some weed.
So... if your reputable source on the #10 bus really genuinely believed the world will end tomorrow, why the hell was he (or she?) spending the last day of their life riding around on a stupid bus?
I'm easily led. White choc macadamia cookies for me too.
A) It is my birthday and my reputable source says we're all fine and that my Irish side is free to drink all the whisky it wants.

B) My Danish side had the good sense to save some risengrød when making Ris a l’amande (http://denmark.dk/en/lifestyle/food-drin…) to please the nisse.

C) Aussie friends sent birthday wishes.

D) Sex makes everyday special.


Ps. Happy 21st Birthday (a tad early), venomlash. Don't get to dusty!
Don't get too dusty, venomlash!
I don't think the world will end, but I do plan to be disappointed when it doesn't. Sort of like not buying a lottery ticket and still being disappointed you didn't win.
VL is only 21? That kid has a future, probably in a criminal enterprise.
I'd rather eat cookies than steak.
It may still be the morning, but I'm going to go ahead and award @13 with comment of the day.
Why, the same thing I do every day, Pinky... go to work and smoke hella weed.
Before we all get panicky, and rush to say the world ISN'T going to end, soley on the "evidence" of birthday wishes from Australia, we need one important piece of information; what time zone is the Mayan calander in?
I will work. Then I will be gaming until the world ends... :)
Douchus dear, when I first read your post, I thought you said you were going to end up the night by double fisting a cheap buddy. I was thankful to see you had some medical training.

I'll be here in Iowa for whatever happens. I'm not expecting much.
@18, EXACTLY. Anyone who looks to Australia for anything has already given up on the world. I don't know dick about geography but patriotism tells me that we basically swallowed the Mayans after we stole their calendar. USA! USA! USA!

And now I'm craving a macadamia sex cookie. THANKS GUYS.
Throwing our usual solstice party, albeit with a kicky, apocalyptic twist this year.
I have the day off from work, so I'll likely play video games and get started on my holiday baking and candy making.
@21; Yup, it just seems to make good fashioned, all American sense.
@ Cienna,

Enjoy your macadamia sex cookie. Maybe you can catch a flight for the pilgrimage (http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/apocalyp… A little time visiting the Rivera Maya sounds like a fine Solstice party, plus tequila! Happy Holidays!

Man, Cienna, you really nailed it with masturbating and eating steak. I think I'm going to quit my job to make this happen all day.
How about a round of full face tattoos declaring the world's end on 12/21/2012!!! What, no time? Well, let's just carve it into each others foreheads instead...

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare for when the Mayans return to judge the worthy among us. Do you think they'll like Taco Bell? No, no...Taco Time...you're right.
I have a date tonight. I'm gonna do everything in my power to get laid before the end. And maybe during. And after.
I am eating a fried egg salad because eggs and romaine are all that's left in the fridge because I did not go shopping because the world is ending.

The world cannot end. I have unused GroupOns.
I'm the elevenstring player in Macadamia Sex Cookie's opening act next week at the Funhouse.
I SO WISH I'd taken the day off work... its the freakin' Solstice, and I want to either light a macadamia sex cookie candle* and say some hippie prayers and meditate for 1 hour, or fuck the living daylights out of my partner for 6 hours. WHICHEVER COMES FIRST! AND PROBABLY BOTH!!

Oh, and since the Mayans are in Guatemala, lower Mexico, and Belize they are in the "Central" timezone.

Also, modern day Mayans think that people who think their calendar somehow predicts the End of the World(TM) are fucking stupid.

*Oops, I misspelled that, I actually mean "copal".
I'll be playing guitar with Simply Shameless at Mia Roma in Kenmore. At least I'll go out doing what I love. Also, our gear is lightweight and easily portable, so if we have to run for our lives, we can take our stuff with us, and be the only band left in the post-apocalyptic world. Ha!