While We Were Grousing About the NRA's Beyond-Inane Call for an Armed Policeman in Every School...


Why don't we have armed policemen along every rural road in Pennsylvania?
I think that's 4 amoklauf shootings since last thursday. It's a tough time of the year.

Longmont, CO

Though the Clackamas Mall doesn't meet the 4 dead "mass shooting" threshold the FBI set, it sure meets my threshold for crazy fucks with high-powered weapons.
I believe the accepted usage is now "A well-regulated militia went on a fatal rampage..."
If every man, woman, and child had a loaded gun on them at all times, no one would ever be killed by a gun.
- NRA's next big announcement
What about the armed policemen that were killed in Lakewood? Why did they not kill him?
@5 Now is not the time for questions, it is time for universal armament. Guns for you, and you, and them over there, guns for everyone!

Guntopia will be awesome, just so peaceful it will hurt.

Apparently they DID on this particular stretch of road, at least three in fact, according to news reports.

And the status of those three armed officers?

One wounded by gunfire from the perp.

One wounded in a vehicular crash (whether with the perp is unclear)

One wounded by flying debris (presumably while shooting it out with the perp).

So, one armed perp versus three armed LOE's.

And the final tally:

Four dead (including the perp) and three wounded (all LOE's).

So much for the NRA's "If only we had armed cops everywhere" argument...
I see the light. Lets disarm everyone, cause the police got tjis shit handled.

Oh, then criminals will be the only one who have guns. Awesome!!!
Oh troll, You're so cute when you recite cliches. Did your Granpaw teach you that one?
Irony sustained several life-threatening injuries in the shootout but is expected to make a full recovery.

I thought one of the slain cops did manage to get a shot off before Clemmons killed him. Wasn't Clemmons suffering a gun shot wound the entire time he was on the run?

But still. Four cops vs. one gunman, and the gunman only got hit once.