Two Posts About a Football Game? And Not a Single Post About the Golden Globes?


Constant's post wasn't really about football. Plus, the Seahawks making the post-season doesn't happen as often as the golden globes.
The Golden Globes are boring EVERY year. The Seahawks aren't!
@2: There have been lots of entertaining moments on this year's GG. Watching the Seahawks choke (again) is boring.
Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollan have raised a lovely son.
Lena's speech was nice, but what was up with her walking ability?
@ 1 That was your father's seahawks not these seahawks

@ 4 Seahawks far superior to the golden globes, and they came back from down 20 before barely losing.
The what globes?
Well, Jodie Foster coming out wasn't boring.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are killing it. But this shouldn't surprise anyone who watches their shows. Everything else is so boring. But I am glad that Kathryn Bigelow got snubbed again for Best Director. Along with not even being nominated for the Oscar, this sets a precedent to anyone considering trying to justify torture in a movie.
4, it's not an either-or proposition. People could enjoy both broadcasts. You're like those facebook posts, 'Like if you enjoy puppies, ignore if you want to kill them.'

Besides, you obviously didn't watch the game.
@11 - Are you saying you like puppies, especially when you're killing them?

And here I thought I was the only one.
And not a single post to remind people to go to or to report on the gun control rally today. FFS, guys.
What? Jodie Foster is a lesbian? Who knew?
It seemed like maybe Jodie Foster and Kevin Costner were about to be loaded onto the White Ship to the Undying Lands at the end of the telecast, didn't it?
I had a wonderful day: made a lovely Roast Pork a la Prince Orloff, then to the Garfield Jazz Bands Winter Concert. Those youngsters are quite talented, for public school and all.
It's so difficult to watch the Golden Blobs for the jokes, when they keep interrupting for speeches. Especially speeches by people who have apparently never spoken in public before. Very tiresome. I did love the James Cameron joke early on, though.

I spent my day at the Stand Up Washington gun control march, followed by some record-store shopping and then a long ramble after forgetting where the 358 goes.
As soon as I watched Marshawn Lynch run out of bounds inside the five with around 40 seconds left instead of staying in bounds, I thought to myself, "They're giving Matt Ryan too much time."
Lol, Jodie Foster addressed her sexuality again. She's so afraid to use the words gay or lesbian its almost comical. If we were on a playground I'd take to taunting her with it already. Jeez lady you're 50 stop being such an ambiguous twit.
The only problem I had with the game (apart from the two missed opportunities for field goals) was that Atlanta also has a percussion / drum squad. So at times, it was reminding me of the Blue Thunder at the Clink. Quite honestly, they should just get rid of the Sea Gals and add more drums, because all they do is run out onto the field during TV time outs and dance like strippers.
Attention hogs get our attention, again. Look at me! LOOK-AT-ME!!! Aren't I witty/beautiful/smart/rich/nicely dressed? nauseam. What I want to know is who will be in the next scandal?
@4 Not her mother's Seahawks?
@14 "What? Jodie Foster is a lesbian? Who knew? "

Funny, all I thought was, "did I just hear that right? Did famous lesbian Jodi Foster just come out as an actress?"