Fuck the Golden Globes


Chicago Fan... I didn't know you cared so much.
WTF man! You just stole me comment from the last thread!
Golden Tate > Golden Globes
@2 Didn't read the comments, just posted. The awesome power of Slog Posting Power.
Thank you! Big day in Seattle - heartbreaker. Chicago knows.

And we do need a Slog Sports detente. We are one.
Oh, come on, the Golden Globes was worth watching just for Amy Polher's line "I haven't kept up with the controversy over 'Zero Dark Thirty', but I trust the lady who was married to James Cameron for three years to know about torture."
... And Jodie Foster's whatever-that-was surely doesn't happen every year either.
Finally, a stupid fight on Slog that isn't about guns.
I'm on Team Bill! I love the Seahawks, and I hate fucking award shows!
And then Jodie Foster had to go and piss all over your Post Toasties, didn't she?
Nobody's reading Slog on Sunday anyway.
And then they lose to the Falcons. ATL, bitches.
Best subject/tag thing ever. And fuck the golden globes indeed! (honestly I've got no idea what they even are. Though it'd sure be nice to have a snarky, dismissive, I'm-better-than-you, Paul Constant-esque take on them to clarify things.)
The camera cutting to Mel Gibson during Jodie Foster's coming out was incredible. For all the bigoted shit he has said in the past, the look on his face...priceless
"The Seahawks do not make the post-season every year."

They do now, mofo. We have a team now.
What 15 said
The Golden Globes are great. No one cares about football. At least no one that's not worthless.
Slog cares about the Seahawks maybe 2 or 3 weeks a year--IF they are winning. And now you are trying to pretend that everyone is now a big Seahawks fan? Come on!
Its not a big deal, The Stranger hates sports, especially the ones in Seattle, be it pro or minor league. They only pretend to care about it when a team manages to go to the playoffs. Even the Seattle Storm will barely get a mention and if they do its part of the morning blurbs, a day or two after the end of the game, in order to avoid promoting it.

Don't worry, its not like they can help it. If i surrounded my life in politics 24/7, I wouldn't care about anything else. I would be pissed off at anyone who dare suggest a temporary change in topic because politics is more important than anything that goes on in your crummy little lives.

Its only with a dash of irony that the stranger feels the only thing more important than politics, are award shows that show off the latest in designer dresses.
@15: Careful now, building such a young team can be a real double-edged sword. The pros are full of rookies who play amazingly their first year, and then become mediocre or worse, and young players are often volatile off the field, and hurt their team on the field with inexperienced mistakes. They often fall into patterns which are reviewed in the off season and then neutralized the next season, as their ability to adapt is not proven.

However, the other side is that you get a base that can last for several years, if they pan out. No way of knowing though.

Carroll has a habit of taking really young players that do work out and then the team slumps for a couple seasons after one strong season. I call it "suger rush" coaching.

Both Dan and Chicago Fan should be put on tagging probation subject to Cienna's review, but other than that I don't see any particular problem here.
Both sports and award shows are manufactured non-events hyped into the stratosphere by a news media desperate to hold the eyeballs of a weary public with the illusion of novelty. WAKE UP, AMERICAN SHEEPLE. THE BUS IS COMING AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE.
@22 - you are spot on. In publication TV listings, all sports and awards shows should be listed under the subject of "BREAD & CIRCUSES". People like Roger Ailes have been able to figure out how to inject fear and misinformation into the America psyche, and they don't want you to spend too much time being upset over a few children macerated by bullets. They want you to buy soap and beer. Their success is evident.