Grrrl Army at the Denny Triangle


I'm pro-Grrl Army if it gives the douchenozzles at PosterGiant a conniption.
it's spelled morAlize
Maybe they only strike when they're menstruating in union?
I wonder if Cienna supports Bruce Harrell's bill to force Seattle companies to hire convicted felons (oh I don't know, maybe like convicted rapists?) to work in the cubicle next to her?
You forgot to put "art" in quotes.

...the feminist "art" collective popped up last summer...
@2 Good spelling is a tool of opression used to strengthen white male privelege!
@2: unless, of course, the word in question is "mobilize", in which case using an "r" and an "a" would make no sense.

You know you are making waves when so many troll comments appear in such a short amount of time.
I think there are better expenditures of time and money than yelly rambly graffiti.
Grrrl Army FTW!
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Are you serious? They are a fucking joke. I walk by that wall every morning on the way to work. The girl army losers tore down all the posters along the wall and just left the waste right there in the middle of the sidewalk. Then it rained. A mushy, soggy mess was everywhere. It was completely inconsiderate. Secondly, its a plywood construction wall. Take your messages about poster giant somewhere else. No one but the Stranger seems to give a fuck.
Wow, what shit. If it's an army can't they find a decent artist amongst themselves?
Someone with a design degree or art background needs to take over the planning and visual representation of these "murals."

Unfortunately, it often does not matter what your content is if your execution looks like arbitrary scrawlings. Graffitti that looks like shit does not last, and no one wants to perserve it.