Our Man at Sundance: The Final Report


The East sounds interesting.

What is this middle age resentment everyone is going on about, as in Before Midnight? Seriously, who lives like that?

Opening night film at Women in Seattle, Hannah Arendt, was fascinating. Very good, very thought provoking, definitely NOT an action flick. Plus our favorite cross-dressing Oscar winner is in it.
The rebuttal to "We Steal Secrets" :


(And check out Democracy Now yesterday [Wednesday] before AT&T killed their sat downlink])

Man...I dislike Sundance mainly because it makes me feel so hipster.

I find myself having conversations about how it used to be so good back when it was actual indie films instead of 90% of them already having Hollywood backing, and the intimate atmosphere, and so on...

I live in Utah and I haven't been to sundance in a couple years.
I didn't realize Before Midnight was happening. My day just got better!

Do they stream these movies in conjunction with the Festival?
I used to work at a Borders in southern California that Mariel Hemingway would come into all the time. She would wear yoga pants and was SUPER mean and demanding.
:o I am in line right now for Before Midnight. Tell me where to be, but unless told otherwise please just stand behind me and we can wait impatiently together.

I had no idea. Startling excellent news. Thanks!
I especially loved "Before Sunset". I'm a bit worried that it will be tainted for me by knowing what happens next. But there's no way I'll miss "Before Midnight".

I'm reminded of Fametracker.com. I miss them so much. They would have done such a great list of further sequels (complete with summaries): "Before Gloaming", "Before the Witching Hour", "During Midday", "After 4:20pm", etc. I don't have the skill to do it. Does anyone know a site these days that equals what they used to do?