Emerald City Comicon Website Hacked


Any developer who doesn't backup their work locally is...well, you shouldn't hire them again. If they're only referring to the content itself, though, that's another story.
If your data is backed up onto a system that is on the network it sort of defeats the purpose, you need to keep the data offline.
What @2 said.

We do a database dump once or more a day (just the data), a system copy to another drive on the network each day, and an offsite copy (using external 2TB drives) at least once a week for our data.
I backup my porn locally more often than they backup their entire website?
For now at least, the address is redirecting the ECCC's Facebook page.
Most hosts do daily backups, even if the client doesn't. Weird.
8 GB flash ram "thumb drives" are under $10 these days, almost anywhere. Less, on sale.

Where's a computer nerd when you need one? And what's a Comic Con without nerds?

Epic, epic fail.
The cached version says that it was built by Bullseye Creative:


Their site states:

"As long-time comic book fans we have faithfully attended Seattle's Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) since its very first year. For the 8th annual ECCC, we were finally given the chance to get involved."

Gah. And the Bullseye Creative site is built completely in Flash.

Fail upon fail.
Portland would-be supervillain.
Not the most sympathetic thread of the day!
This is the same message that is up on several webcomics that had some server issues in the past few days. Is it some sort of new default?
I blame the Alpha Betas.
What @ 12 said. 2 of my fave webcomics, "Girls With Slingshots" & "Player Vs. Player" are showing the exact same out of service page.


There's a cached version at Google -- Can't they grab the code from the cached page? Maybe not the graphics, but everything else should be there.
Speaking of web site troubles...

It would have been nice to have seen a posting about how Questionland died after they supposedly had a "server problem" that they couldn't recover from. Instead the Stranger just pretended that QL never existed in the first place.
@12, 14. Yep - Goblinscomic is down with the same message.
@ 12, 14, & 17 - Blind Ferret runs those and they are experiencing massive server problems:


Seems like a different problem from the Comicon issue.
Sounds like someone was using 1234 as the password.

Imix it up with 4321.
This is news? Jesus, you twenty something's are retarded.

Guess what, the world couldn't give less of a fuck.
@ 21 - There are actually a quite lot of twenty something's. We pretty much make up the world right now.

@18 - I knew they were having server problems, but I've never seen that error message before, and now I've seen it in two different places for purportedly different problems.
Even for a con they don't have monthly backups? Sounds like they should have invested another $10 and used someone in IT. Sucks either way, but I'ma participate in some nerd blaming here.
This is an act of war. Send the Washington National Guard into Oregon. And if they don't surrender, send the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS John C. Stennis. Nuclear weapons from the SSBN fleet should only be used as a last resort.
And just so my previous comment isn't misinterpreted as war mongering, I'm not saying that Washington has to nuke Oregon. Really, the choice is up to them. They simply have to acknowledge the Washington is better than Oregon in every possible way, and that the only purpose Oregon serves is to connect power lines from Washington to California.
Why isn't the WH investigating these hackers- ALL of them - and bringing THEM to justice? Seems like this kinda shit keeps happening, and no one ever does anything about it. What about all these tech schools teaching their students how to WRITE VIRUSES. Is anyone tracking this?
What do you think happened, did they say something negative about PVP?
Weird. The Calgary Expo (comicon) had their website hacked yesterday as well... Assuredly some dastardly plot is at hand!
@28 probably just an attempt by Super Villains to get their way.
This nerd-on-nerd violence is getting out of hand.
Hmmm... super villains huh? Maybe this is the dastardly deeds of REX VELVET?! He is a self proclaimed super villain. Just pure speculation, not an accusation.