Congrats to Gomer!


What the hell? Isn't marriage equality recognized in Hawaii? So they traveled from 85 degree sunshine to 30 degree rain (even though it was probably clear that week) to get married?

I mean, congratulations, but "Pyle!!!"
I always thought it was going to be Floyd...…
Goober sez HEY!
In other bittersweet but thematically related news, former NFL player Kwame Harris (just google him) is out, although the reason he's in the news is for being arrested for assaulting his boyfriend at a restaurant.

Sorry, had to be done.

Gosh, darn, that's just the sweetest thing.
And I just smiled.
@6 Indeed. I'm only surprised that it took six comments!
@2 Same-sex couples' marriages are not recognized by the state of Hawaii.
Jim Neighbors is way cool.

Actually, marriage equality is not legal in Hawaii, so, unfortunately, they are not married in their home state. Of course they are also not married according to the United States, due to DOMA.

What bullshit!
The NRA's LaPierre is currently spouting bullshit (much of it of the thinly-veiled racist variety) in a Senate hearing on gun violence on a live stream on ABC at that same link. It's at the top of the page.
6 & 8: Actually, I was looking for "Well, gollllly!!" sooner.
@12: And I see now that it's the top mention in the Morning News. Apologies to all for the spam.
Though a bill has been introduced in the sate legislature:…

and polls are looking good:


And at least one of the US Senators is in favor:…

Interesting side note: since 1972, Nabors has sung "Back Home Again in Indiana" right before the start of the Indianapolis 500. Indiana Republicans are considering putting a measure on the 2014 ballot banning same sex marriage in it's state constitution.

It will be interesting to see how Nabors is treated at this year's race, and it will be great to see him and his partner there together.
Now let's hope that the novelty of same sex marriage wears off soon, so that the headlines read "Star marries longtime partner" rather than "...longtime gay partner".

We should start a pool based on the date when our marriages will be legal everywhere, not just " the following states".

Any thread posted by the Stranger in place of this one would be a useless gesture, no matter what news data they have obtained. This thread is now the ultimate power on the internet. I suggest we stay here.
Since no one else really said it (no I don't think saying you were expecting it is the same thing. LOL)...Well goooolllly!!
Ol' Gomer is a cradle-robber!
So sweet!!

Congrats, you crazy kids!!

Jim and his husband are welcome at my Fourth of July BBQ any day. Hot dogs and beer - plus cider!
@17 - Jim missed the Indy 500 in 2012 due to heart surgery, I believe.

That would be REALLY interesting if Jim was available for this year's running. My parents live there and both, while very conservative on most issues, consider gay marriage a tempest in a teapot and no one's business but those of the folks getting married. The libertarian-leaning versus "Jesus is an Old Testament Conservative" arguments could get a bit heated out there.

Since his marriage is already making the Indianapolis TV news, it will be VERY interesting to see how the Indianapolis Star (which seems to periodically want to vie for the title of "God's Anointed Newspaper") reacts to this.
Cool, I've always liked Jim Neighbors. He has a awesome singing voice. Many decades, when I was a kid, ago I was amazed when I heard him sing on television. I was so used to his Gomer Pyle voice.
@17 and 25, I did not know that an Indy 500 singing gig was a part of his routine. His career was always so geared toward the cheesy-rednecky, maybe it's how he is in real life too? As a kid I remember so often he'd be on some show and they'd "reveal" what a fine singing voice he had. To me it grated, though - here's an apt example of why, the sort of syrupy xtian nonsense that people just ate up with a spoon:
Mayberry had a gay. I wonder if he was the only gay in the village?
@28. Well, there was Don Knotts (Barney Fife) who played gay.
1975. They've been together as long as I've been alive. Wow.
Remarkably, I know him more as a singer than an actor. I kinda wanna go tell my parents now that he's gay too! :P
@28, and don't tell me that barber was straight.
@3: Regarding Floyd

The actors high school drama teacher (who taught many many years) told him he'd never be an actor. He enjoyed coming back to homecoming when he could get away from time to time to tell his old teacher what his salary was that year.

@29: Didn't Barney have occasionaly dates with women?
@29 & @34. Barney dated a couple of different women here and there, but his main long term squeeze was Thelma Lou.

The Jim Nabors is gay rumors have been around as long as I can remember. I watched Gomer Pyle as a kid.

Good for him for finally coming out.
Charming. Two old gay men just had to have 15 minutes more of fame!