WA Bill Would Clear a Pot Conviction


Well, this will help all those middle class white kids with just one blemish on their records.
It's both affirming and tragic. Affirming in that we can finally start having sensible treatment of adults who have really done nothing wrong. And tragic that it's taken us so long to start being sensible about adult behavior that harms nobody.
Male rape victims slam Oscar-nominated filmmakers over focus on women

"You can't really address the problem of military sexual trauma until you include the 56 percent of the victims — the men — and they are being ignored right now," Lewis said.

Any representative who votes against this is anti-human and I demand that the Slog make at least a single post for each representative who would have the balls to want to keep people in jail who have committed crimes that are no longer illegal. It would be the very definition of a tyrant and I demand satisfaction.
I understand that reasoning behind this, and don't necessarily disagree with it, but it still seems like a lot of bureaucratic red tape created to help a narrowly defined group. A group that may well be who @1 describes.
Sounds like a lot of paperwork for several different public agencies, but possibly a small boon for a certain class of lawyer.
Not that I'm for domestic violence or other "drug offenses" or whatever, but what do they have to do with marijuana offenses? I don't like the combination of unrelated things.
So I had a pot charge in 1990 and a DUI in 2009. I don't qualify? BOO HISS!
@3: MRAs are the worst people. Just the fucking worst.
#3 you are fucking delusional.
Very convenient to leave out the fact that men out number women in the military approximately 10 to 1. That fact makes your statistic of 56% of sexual abuse happens to men deceptive at best. And maybe you should be upset that there is so much sexual abuse in the military instead of your "Hollywood is bias" bullshit.

With that said sexual abuse is unacceptable, period.
@9: "you are fucking delusional"

It's Bailo's shtick.