Hood Watch: Industrious Panhandlers, Raccoon Squatters, and Beer


Are Raccoons rodents? No, they are not.

It is a Procyonid.

Wait, there are seriously people who haven't heard the spanger "I just need X dollars for gas/a locksmith/whatever" spiel?
It would seem Von Trapp's would also serve the Italian community as well as those from Southern France.
It consolidates fun with an iron fist!

That said, I'll probably be at the opening.
Max Solomon has informed me that a raccoon is indeed not a rodent, it is a Procynid. The proper corrections have been made.
According to KING 5 news, they set traps to catch the raccoons, but when they went to check the traps the following morning they were empty and the raccoons had moved on.

the raccoons have not been evicted from their new high-rise home.
You had a legitimate excuse to use "de-luxe apartment in the sky", and you let it slide right past you.
@7 Unpaid Taxonomically-Ignorant Intern is probably way more than a little too young to remember that show. It ended in 1985.

@3 - It seems doubtful that Von Trapp will allow the ball to be thrown.
Re: central district woman. I don't know why people feel "taken" when money they give to strangers on the street doesn't go to the cause mentioned in the pitch. It's just a hustle, and everyone on the street has one—either give, or don't give, but that's where ends. No need to judge, it's nothing personal.

I think most people don't expect a knock on the door from a spanger in a residential neighborhood. I certainly didn't, back when I lived in the CD eight years ago, and that same guy gave me his sob story.

It's a man, and, as a single woman living alone, I did consider it personal when he came to my door late at night.
@12 - Not that you're dying for me to clear this up, but I was referencing the woman writing the story (that felt taken), not the man asking for money.
Von Trapp's sounds like the PERFECT venue for Slog Happy. we're late celebrating the five year anniversary! plus, i want to see Brissey botch up boccie ball. who's with me?

Don't expect anyone who writes for The Stranger to be concerned with little things like facts.
I agree with #12. Its one thing if its a panhandler on the street. Patrick always comes at night, past sunset. Either he's your new gay neighbor who needs a locksmith, or he's looking for Lincoln towing. I think he's been to my place about 5 times since I've lived in the CD, and the first time is pretty damn nerve racking since you don't know that he's just hustling you and not casing your place.
@10 Can't you just not open your door though? Especially if you are single woman alone at night. And- if it really is that scary and "personal" as you say -you could call the cops. I am also a single woman and I get weird white people (that I suspect are mormon missionaries) knocking on my door all the time. Sometimes in the evening, after sundown. You know what I do- don't answer the door and tell the go away. Problem solved.
@16: Jeezy creezy, that's not even the usual passive spanger territory and actively threatening to a person.