"eHarmony Really Ought to Put Up $10 Million, and Ask Other Companies to Put Up Money, and Do a Really First-Class Job of Figuring Out Homosexuality. At the Very Best, It's Been a Painful Way for a Lot of People to Have to Live."


This was a Funny or Die segment or something, right?
Neil Clark Warren and whiny loser McKenna both have that same stick-up-ass pained expression.
I could only listen to this whiny guy up to the 1:17 mark...I have to go OD on something...
He wants a robot because his "smarter" wife is tired of listening to him? I can't imagine why: "the first thing that I do in the morning is wake up ... the main thing I do is talk ... she's not nearly as interested." No shit.

And he'd would promote eHarmony and his offer of life-long happiness with his wife, but "we're not a natural team for making those ads."

This entire video sounds like an analog of so many of the "ex-gay" therapists. "I'm happy, no really, I'm very, very happy. Please don't let the fact that I can't get through a four-minute prepared statement without seemingly unconsciously revealing unsettling, discordant facts about my life lead you to suspect that I am simply lying to myself. I'm really very, very happy - and I have a seeming pathological need to convince other people of that."

It's as absurd as that "ex-gay" therapist who offered to hug the gay out of the Daily Show correspondent. Just two guys, embracing each other on a couch, rocking back and forth until they're both not gay.

Just absurd.
It's only painful if you do it wrong
He should listen to himself.
how about 10 million $$ to figure out this stupid, ignorant heterosexual Christian bigot thing?
When you get right down to it: he's not saying *anything*. It's all grease & no bacon.
I met this guy and his wife a few years ago, when I did some work at their ridiculous, tasteless, gaudy mansion in Kennebunkport, ME (right across from the Bush compound). I think they've since sold it.

They have really nice dogs.
Isn't it odd that he has to protect himself - not from militant gay people - but from other Christians who think gay people don't deserve all the rights and privileges of straight people?
What a dick.
One of the most painful things about the human condition is having to listen to shitbags like this tell me how painful my existence must be. Fuck him.