Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father


Can't make a joke here, Dan. This father is 19 years old. I assume the mother is pretty close in age. What do you want to bet that these two married because she was pregnant, and abortion not an option. (Birth control may not have been much of an option, either, this being Florida).

Thankfully, at 23 days, the baby will not remember this, and hopefully can get into Child Protective Services and--just maybe, if the system works the way it hardly ever does--get a crack at a relatively safe childhood.
Donation made.

But, hell; I can't red these terrible stories.
um, "read"
way to connect the dots Danny.......
Geez, the story makes it sound like a SUBZERO car or something. How cold can it be in Florida?

Call me crazy, but it seems like "leaving the baby in a cold car" is trumped here by "almost crashing the car while beating and choking a woman."
It takes a village to raise a child.

Greenwich Village.

B'ding! Fugettaboudit, I'm outta here!!
One day, these asshats will realize that generalizing is not only incorrect, but completely asinine and only makes the ones who state such nonsense look like complete fools. David Jones remarks are no different then saying two black parents or two jewish parents are unable to provide a safe and warm environment for children.

That day cannot come soon enough.
I would love to see Jones' data for determining that it is impossible for two same sex parents to provide a safe and nurturning environment for their children.

Oh wait ... none exists.

If one or both of the parents fight CPS, the kid is not going to be adopted. She might be shuffled in and out of foster care throughout childhood, but adoption? No.

Nothing short of raping or nearly killing one's children results in an "easy" severing of parental "rights".
"Over many centuries", child abuse by straight couples is pretty well documented.
As I've said here before, pointing out the fact that some straight couples suck at parenting does not constitute a valid argument against the assertion that all gay couples suck at parenting.

I mean, I get that the point is that there's nothing magical about straight coupledom that makes people fit parents, but I don't understand why Dan devotes so many posts to this relatively weak argument.

How about printing some stories about children raised by gay couples who turned into happy, well-adjusted adults? That would be both better ammo against people like Jones, and much less depressing to read.