Chinese Water Torture for Your Ears


That's bad. But I used to date a guy (charming, educated, beautiful eyes) who would FLOSS in public. WTF was I thinking?
Toenails? Agreed and yuck. Fingernails? Meh, not so much ire here...
Salons are space for grooming. The writer has no complaint.
I had a roommate once that would come join me on the couch and floss while we watched TV. It's right around that time I quietly, but aggressively, starting building my savings.
Salons are for hiring other people to cut your nails.
So is it all grooming we're not supposed to do in public? Is combing hair OK? How about trimming an hangnail? Plucking an errant eyebrow hair?

Someone needs to post these rules that are apparently obvious to everyone but me.
It gets even weirder/more revolting when these public-nail-clippers are riding the bus. How about if you don't brush your gross, dead body parts on me, thanks.
Wait, so the writer was at a salon--an establishment where by definition a person does the work of clipping dead pieces of your body off for you--and yet complains about someone clipping dead pieces of their body off of themselves? I think this might fall under the "Maybe there are bigger things to whine about" file, like the post about eating french fries with a fork.
Americans are such fucking puritans.
Hmm. Speaking as a stylist, clipping fingernails in a salon isn't exactly all that bad, considering a lot of salons have manicure stations. Maybe not so much in the front of the house, though - go to the breakroom or the color area/back area if there is no manicure station. Toenails on the other hand - if you aren't getting a pedicure, you need to keep your feet in your shoes. Ew.
Geezus, you'd think she shit on your apple pie! Get a grip.
I love how hair and nails are beautiful and clean when they are attached to a person, but the second they fall off or are cut off they become the most disgusting refuse. People, please lost your weird hangups and let me clip in peace.
The only valid reason not to clip your nails in public is to avoid voodoo curses.
Americans are slobs
..@14..hear hear..didn't your parents teach you that bathrooms are for grooming people ? they're equipped with running water, sinks , mirrors trash receptacles and such because nobody wants your nasty ass hair and hoof clippings flying about . i saw a dude last week at a fairly reputable bar wearing flip flops digging between his toes and rubbing his thumb and forefingers together and flicking whaeves onto the floor.
If it's one of those clippers that catches the fingernail clippings, I fail to see what the problem is. I have one of those, and, as long as I empty it out into the garbage once in a while, I drop no clippings on the floor.

That said, as I'm fully aware of how unreasonable people are about such things, I only clip my nails in the bathroom, and, if in a public bathroom, only in a dire emergency (like I broke a nail and need to clip off the jagged edge).
@6: You really don't need rules, just determining what would be distracting and annoying should be your guide. A quick touch up of your hair in public is perfectly fine.

I would like to add that putting on lipstick or lip gloss in public borders on being annoying.
I guess the hubs and I are just gross. We floss on the couch all the time...if feeling extra gross I try to make him smell my floss when I'm done
@17 - Lip gloss in public is out? Really? See, I'm with @6, these rules are largely arbitrary and culturally defined. "Distracting" and "annoying" are highly subjective definitions.

With nails, sure: If bits are going to be flying, then go do that by your lonesome somewhere else (try the garden or backyard, where your dead keratin can be composted by the wee lawn beasties). But otherwise, why care so much? Why exactly are nails "nasty" or "gross"? They aren't serious sources of pathogens, are they? Doorknobs & sponges are far grosser, microbially speaking, but most everyone seems to conveniently forget that. People get squicked by toilet seats (which are a vector for nothing) and use those inane "seat covers", and then let shit-eating dogs lick their faces.

It's culturally arbitrary.

I had my own sponge for washing the dishes I bring to work until someone stole it (who steals a fucking sponge anyway??) and I had to use the "company sponge." I'm sure it was fine, but just the thought that some of my more filthy coworkers had used it made me feel like I was playing with someone's turd.

I used the hell out of the antibacterial wash after I was done.

And dogs... don't get me started. They walk and roll around in their own and other dogs' piss and shit and then their owners let them crawl all over them. Gah!
Another public place sure, but a SALON? Most of them offer manicures and pedicures anyway. I also don't get the lip gloss annoyance thing from 17. What about chapstick, am I allowed that at least?
Corner of Broadway and Pine on a nice spring day a few years back... While waiting for the light to change, I notice a group of three people who had just walked up Pine and from the looks of them may have walked all the way up from downtown. A member of said group pulls out a stick of deodorant and applies it. Ok, ew a little, but the friend says something I couldn't hear and they just hand over the deodorant and their friend then uses it too! EWWWWWWW!!!
there is no worse sound. i can barely even be in the same house when someone's clipping their nails, even behind a closed bathroom door. i can still hear it for hours after it stops.
You're in a salon, where you're already breathing in the dandruff and hair of all the customers around you. Nails are not a problem.
@21: That's why I said "borders" - depends on setting. At a table in a fine restaurant taking out the compact and all - kind of irksome, don't you think?
Wow a lot of you are fucking weird about the human body. Don't you all have one?
Jesus, Americans are sterilized, atomized, anti-biotic fed swine being led through the slaughterhouse. Except instead of a bolt gun, it takes a life-time to kill us, and we're somehow proud of this privilege. Ever been out in the woods for more than a day? You get dirty. You stink like BO. Exposure to the human body, with its pain and smells are a fact of life. This quest to excise ourselves from that is why we're all so existentially fucked.
I can handle all kinds of disgusting stuff, human or otherwise. My grossout threshold is through the roof. But THAT SOUND.
Oh my goodness, no one has mentioned the teen-aged female who gets out her hairbrush on the subway car ... as soon as she sees a male who might be impressed by her dandruff and stuff.
People are weird. Would I floss in the middle of a restaurant? No. Would it be reasonable to clip my nails in a salon? Of course. Calm the hell down. And no. Nothing is wrong with using lip gloss anywhere in public, compact or no.