The Always Ugly Beacon Hill Branch Library: Part II


<3 that library.
once again, charles' slow-news-day re-post. clever, charles. clever.
Anything that annoys Mudede is OK in my book.
Embrace the whimsy, Charles.
EM-M-M-M-M-BR-R-R-R-A-A-A-ACE it!!!
@3. amen.
"The new public library I walk by has less exterior artistic value than I would wish" is one of the finest First World Problems to hit Slog in a good long time.
Do Slog writers get paid by the comment or something? Because Charles seems to troll for outrage a lot.
perhaps the awnings are a bit too immodest for you? would have to see this in the context of the neighborhood, because from this view lit looks nice and welcoming. perhaps you can offer a real critique, or not- just blog more inside jokes.
Check out the new Covington Library (KCLS) some time.
Charles, why did you not include the boat sculpture in this photo?
well, Carlson is now defunct, so you can feel good about that.
My son used to love that library, back when his mom lived near it.

Best manga selection ever, very cozy, not too many homeless, very kid friendly.

Just saying.
Is anything in Beacon Hill artistic?
Wait... WiS has a son?!??!?!?!??!!!!?

you are wrong - AGAIN!

you are a bad person - STILL!

you should really work on correcting yourself lest ye wreck yourself. . .
@14 try not to think about that too much.
The library is wonderful and Charles is a troll.
I'm not really a fan of that new modern (or whatever the hell it's called) architecture, but it's hardly something worth getting upset about. I mean, have you seen the building that went up where the Sunset Bowl used to be?
By no means am I Charles hater. Just the opposite in fact.

But this library is the wrong target for his scorn. That's my local branch, and it is a godsend as far as me and my neighbors are concerned. Lots of programming for kids, books and movies in dozens of languages, enough computers for everyone, regular visits from the public school down the street, an easily accessed community meeting room... the list could go on and on.

Pick on somebody else Charles. Up on Beacon Hill we love our branch.
@9, meh. All of the new KCLS branches are pretty good, better by far than the newer SPL branches, but, you know, it's in Covington, which is a deal-killer. Covington is one of the worst non-places in the entire area. My favorite KCLS is Shoreline, followed by Burien (Burien is a win because it's downtown in the best suburban town in the state).
You're ridiculous, Mudede.
Given the slab-sided Bauhaus drivel that usually sets Charles's Cowper's glands churning, it's not surprising that soaring curves and arches would wilt his willy.
@20, I'll have to keep an eye out for you up in Shoreline, Fnarf. That's our branch. (Richmond Beach has a nice, smaller one, too).

I will take a moment here to complain that many new libraries don't have enough pleasant, comfortable spots to read - too much central space devoted to computers for my taste.
It's still better than the steel and glass eyesore of a public library that lives downtown.
Why don't you take a look inside, and tell us it's ugly then?
Charles: Ever heard 'Don't judge a book by its cover'? I mean, the *actual* books INSIDE the building have a higher artistic value than the cracks on the road, the building itself, AND you, combined... So... There's always that to bitch about.
Charles: I'm a fan of you, and I'm an architect, AND I think this library is ugly, but you are wrong. Those pavement cracks have no artistic merit because they weren't created with intent.
know what you mean ... much prefer a tasteful building in which to view porn in front of children too ...
Charles, you are wasting hate that should be saved for Koolhaas' monstrosity downtown. It will take every ounce of our collective festering hate to properly loathe that building.

Oh Jesus. The library looks fine. And better that it have a personality (that you might not necessarily like) than be some bland box that was designed by committee.
He probably loves it. Which is why he posted negatively about it. It's the only way he could get the love of his life on the slaggy Slog.
The Beacon Hill Library is absolutely luminous inside. When the sun is going down in the evening I love the contrast between the golden wood of the vaulted ceiling and the darker, bluish tones of the building just north of the library. I'm quite fond of the crazy silver winged ship mounted on a post above the roof in front of the building (the photographer elected to cut this feature out of his shot). The meeting room to the right of the foyer is a pleasant gathering space during public events. I like the way the outside of the building has some texture and nice, albeit still immature, landscaping. All in all, I think SPL did an excellent job creating this branch on a very cramped, peculiarly shaped lot. I also really appreciate how SPL got all the library projects built on time and under budget--what a refreshing contrast to the way Seattle normally rolls. IMHO, SPL is the ONLY functional branch of Seattle government.
BTW, I'd be glad to post my photos of the Beacon Hill Library if I knew how.