The ACLU May Sue to Stop Restrictive Catholic Hospital Mergers in Washington


When the anti-abortionists know that anti-abortion legislation will never pass, they come in the back way, like this. Sneaky bastards. Hope they get their asses handed to them by the ACLU.
That's religion for you:

They tell you it's all your choice whether you want to believe in their god or not.

And when you tell them you've chosen not to believe, they force you anyway.

Fuck religion.
The suit should also include right-to-die for end-of-life decisions. I know a hospice social worker who is not allowed to talk to clients about this because he works for a catholic organization.

In the last few years all the hospitals near me have come under the Sisters of Charity.

I hope you have better luck out in Seattle.
This is fucking scary. The only protection we have is our constitutional right to separation of church and state. If they get their way, we will be back to living under an extremely prohibitive theocracy.
@5: I'm also not all that happy about Oregon having bought into a religious HMO as one (and in many cases the ONLY) health insurance provider for State employees.