Denny's, WTF man? It's, not the fucking FDA. YOU CAN LIE.
As a kid we had meat from the horse butcher. It was lean and just a little gamey, kind of like buffalo. I have to say I am with Colbert on this one.
You all should try and get up to Pipers Creek Pub when they have the strange meat weekend BBQ. They have Racoon, Possum, Horse, Camel, etc...
In a sane world, it would be a scandal that restaurants were serving any type of animal corpse.
Racoons and camels and possums are weird. Horse, not so much. Actually eatting possumms is disgusting, akin to eating rats.
The problem isn't that the meat is from a horse, it's that it's pumped full of steroids and antibiotics and god knows what else that isn't legal for food animals. Seriously, eating horse meat from the US is like visiting Lance Armstrong's house and randomly gobbling down everything you can find in his medicine cabinet.
@6 is correct, which is why Russia is banning US meat from everything. That is, if you don't think they're retaliating for us pointing out bribery in their government, like we did with China.
Personally, I'm not all that scandalized by the whole horse meat "scandal". But seriously, Denny's, that was one of the worst times to issue a no-comment comment. PR fail of the week.
@7, go fuck yourself, Will. Put your head in the oven.
Per comments above, proper horse meat in Europe is more expensive than beef, according to a Euro friend.

The issue isn't the animal. The issue is the source. This is black-market horse meat not meant for people to be eating. If it were legal horse meat, then it wouldn't be slipped into burgers.
Given a chance, I'd eat half the cast of the Muppets.
@7 & 9, I'm beginning to sense that this Slog-hate is really just a manufactured ruse, and that you're actually old college buddies playing a long-game prank on the rest of us, laughing together over beers and bong hits. Well-played, gentlemen.
@Will- useless Will, you are aware that the horse meat in the story was likely supplied by Rumania, and U.S. meat was never involved?

But you just had to chime in anyway.
("Story" being, of course, the original reports of widespread horse meat entering the european food distribution system.)
Horsegate is just the tip of the iceberg. One would have to be naive to give credence to the nothing-to-see-here claims of the processed food sector.
@11: I have a Muppet-fur coat!

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