Morning News: Barbie Bandits, Bail for Pistorius, and Holy Gay Vatican Sex


I know that there are only a few people on this blog who know/care about football, but the first woman ever to participate in an NFL combine (tryouts for the draft, basically) is doing so in New Jersey.

Her name is Lauren Silberman, and she is a kicker going for a Masters degree from MIT. If she does good in her local combine, she will go to a greater regional combine, where she could qualify for the main even in Indianapolis come April. Go Lauren!…
I hope the gay scandal in the Vatican ends with a bunch of tell all books.
For some reason billionaire Sandberg walks it around like she's a $56,000 a year HR manager at parts sub-contractor. "Oh, how will I find daycare..." What is the point of this stupidity?
Wait, all I have to do is work harder? Shit, why didn't I think of that before.
Driving across the Aurora Bridge in the left-most lane(either way) always freaks me out a little... this did not help.
Anybody who says "pro tip" is either:
a) a golf pro who is trying to give you a tip on your swing, or
b) a person who is trying to communicate in the most explicitly passive-aggressive method they know how.
....or making a joke.
The Papal scandal was foreshadowed back in 2010 when Benedict announced that condom use was okay for gay male prostitutes. Apparently they enjoy a strong lobby in the Vatican.
Re: Sandberg

Wow, AmeriKKKa's Marie Antoinette-prima donnas have really lost it.
Reminds me of the manager I had once, who read management self-help books obsessively and decided we had to meet every morning to set daily, weekly, and monthly "work goals." Problem was, I was just the receptionist and ALL of my duties were 100% the SAME EVERY DAY. This was the same company where the two management people took EACH OTHER out to lunch for Employee Appreciation Day, while all the actual "employees" got nada.
And for the really nasty news of the day, brought to us merry people of the forest by our intrepid GAO:…

And the GAO report:


My fault, sorry!

While I cannot offer a pro tip, I sure can offer just the tip...

I work for a company where we do lots of that kind of shit. Fortunately not every morning. I find it aggravating as my job is underpaid and has no room for advancement unless I move cross country. Having to go through the motions, pretending that I give a shit about my job and that my company gives a shit about me, is not pleasant.
Okay, so *that's* why the 358 was on Stone Way yesterday.