Don't Plan on Having a Complicated Pregnancy (or Death) in Western Washington


It's not just lady-and-death-biz, either! I went to college in Whatcom County, where St. Joseph's was the only option. I had a friend that, long story short (for privacy reasons), ended up in inpatient rehab when he probably didn't belong there. It was a heavily religious program, he was an atheist, and he had to choose between pretending to accept God and staying in (public) college. Pretty sure the ACLU has that on file somewhere. Shit is DANGEROUS.

Also, speaking of death: in my PUBLIC COLLEGE HEALTH CLASS, my teacher, citing St Joseph's, said that I-1000 would be overturned because of all the Catholic hospitals. Like it was a good thing. Ugh.
Perhaps the silver lining is that Catholic schools and hospitals is on the decline, as the number of parishioners fall - which show no sign of abating.
Um...Snohomish County has two non-religiously affiliated hospitals I can think of off the top of my head - Valley General (part of Evergreen Health) and Cascade Hospital (a public hospital).
Fuck religion
If they are a religious hospital, they need to wear scarlet robed hoods and sew the emblems of their faith on those robes. Giant ones.

Otherwise, how are we supposed to know we entered a No Science zone?
@3 You say "has." Present tense. The post says 100% religiously affiliated in Snohomish "...will happen [if]..." Future tense. These are not mutually exclusive.

The Google says Valley was in negotiation with Providence in 2011. Can't immediately find out if that's ongoing. Didn't turn up anything about Cascade. But, be afraid.

Is there anyone in government we can protest to stop these mergers?
Is Swedish Religious Affiliated? If so they now operate Stevens Hospital in Edmonds, north or 205th. In their, and UW's efforts to take over healthcare in Western WA, I doubt they'd give that up.
Why don't you go nail a woodblock of your "95 Theses" on one of these hospitals.

@6 - I caught that after the fact, and hoped nobody would notice it. It would have been helpful to ensure I didn't type something so goddamn stupid had Cienna included both maps,. not just the post-merger maps.

There. It's all Cienna's fault. Not me and my lack of reading an entire post before commenting. :-)
That map is weird. All the counties are in the wrong places.
Holy Shit.
"brutal mercy of the Catholic Church"

Talk about hyperbole. You'd think those poor people were undergoing the Spanish Inquisition to get their free Obamacare.
@7, Swedish is now affiliated with the Sisters of Providence.

The Catholic hospitals are making it unnecessary for Roe v Wade to be overturned. And no, there's no one in government to turn to; these hospitals don't get government money.