Great Moments in Minority Outreach at CPAC


Sometimes these things are so outrageous, you gotta wonder if he was a plant.

(the subversive kind, not the photosynthetic kind)
Such racism is bracing and refreshing in this day and age. At least this motherfucking cracker isn't saying thinks like "Kenyan socialist" when he really means "nigger in the White House".

This kind of shit must give Karl Rove hives.
This is why I don't trust anyone who says they are conservative. Their real agenda is "white men rule, everyone else fuck off"
Republicans are dreadful people.
@3 'rich white men rule'

Many of these fools think they've got more in common with the 1% than they do with the poor even though they're one paycheck away from debt themselves.
@5 I hear you though it's probably "rich straight white men"
It's funny; the question of "what to do about the South?" has been central to US politics for a century now, as the two parties passed these retrograde states back and forth over the decades. But now, we may be in a situation where one party can finally just dump them overboard, and win anyways. I hope so. I wish we could dump them out of the country.
Riiiiight. The slave owner paid real money to have someone abduct the slave in Africa, transport him by boat, and present him in shackles, just so he could feed and house him.

Delusion is awesome.
Once again:

It's always fun to highlight the mind-numbingly stupid and hypocritical things some Republicans say, but the fact is that the party is running two highly effective strategies specifically designed to counteract the "urban archipelago" phenomenon that delivered the White House to Democrats in 2008 and 2012: 1) gaining control of more state legislatures in time to dominate Congressional redistricting based on the 2010 census, which means that in many states there were more (in some cases far more) Republican representatives sent to Washington even though Democrats won a majority of votes statewide (and nationally), and 2) changing the electoral-college rules from winner-take-all to proportional representation in as many states as possible before 2016.

As usual, Democrats have been too busy sleeping, ignoring down-ticket races, or patting themselves on the back to mount any apparent countervailing strategies, and in fact they're stuck with current Congressional districts until after the 2020 census.…
Today I had the chance to peruse a Playboy from '65. The letters to the editor in the first few pages were all in response to an interview with a KKK Grand Wizard in the previous issue.

One letter chided the editors for making an upstanding klansman look like a clown ["people too often focus on the criticisms of the Klan, not on the good work they do to preserve the white race."], the rest were various levels of disapprobation for the interviewee from giggling ["Wizard of Ooze"] to outright condemnation. There was even a John Bircher making sure that everyone knew that even they thought the Klan was vile and unamerican.

Too bad present-day Repubs like Terry make a magazine that is over a half a century old look enlightened.

[Seriously, this is a Playboy that--in its advice section--counseled a young unmarried couple to get two rooms at a hotel rather than lie on the registry. Progress!]
So basically everything he didn't accomplish (white skin, a dick between his legs, attraction to women, etc) should be reason for everyone else to worship him, serve him and regard him with awe.

And yet liberals are the ones with an entitlement complex. Right.
Goldy it wasn't just in 2004 it was every day he was President, we got out crazies too.
I've got about as low opinion of the Republican base as it's possible to have, and even so I wonder if this guy's real, or performance art.
#5,6 - nope, this is the Stranger, so it's "all white men". We all have "privilege", or something, apparently, and we've never been poor, never had to work hard, and anything we've ever gotten has been taken right out of the hands of saintly, hard-working minorities. Didn't you get the Stranger's guidelines for posting?

#8 - you do realize the one who abducted the slave was in all probability a fellow black African soul brother, right? Europeans didn't simply march into Africa and march out with slaves. They traded with the Africans who already owned lots of slaves. Much easier.
The audience cheered Terry. That says it all.
What's a Nubian?
#15 - you do realize that by the time of Frederick Douglass the trans-Atlantic slave trade was illegal. It was in fact white folk buying and selling black folk.
He's right about women though. Conservatives bitches need to learn their place.
15: And?

If Africans owning slaves justifies slavery, then the Canadians would be perfectly justified in enslaving Americans, wouldn't they?

If you think that enslaving Africans was justified, but enslaving Americans wouldn't be, please explain to me what makes your group immune to this "eye-for-an-eye" bullshit that you believe applies to Africans.

If not, then why bring it up?

My guess is you were spoiled and overmothered growing up, so you're perfectly comfortable believing that these rules you support simply shouldn't apply to you (or your group) because you're you. Most of us outgrow that style of thinking when we leave toddlerhood, but then again, most of us aren't as spoiled and coddled as conservatives tend to be.

It would also explain why you think that frowning on literal slavery is the same as "hating all white men."
" #5,6 - nope, this is the Stranger, so it's 'all white men'. We all have 'privilege', or something,"

As a white guy, when I get pulled over by the cops for a minor traffic violation, I know that whether or not I get a ticket, I will not be imprisoned or killed and my car will not be searched without good reason. My non-white friends and coworkers, on the other hand, have been pulled over for violations that never happened, ordered out of their car, frisked, and had the car searched illegally. And my city's cops are currently under federal investigation for sending 60 cars chasing after a black couple that doesn't seem to have committed any sort of crime and firing 143 rounds at them.

White friends report cases of companies turning down highly qualified candidates for jobs because those candidates were black. In the place I work, an owner categorically stated that he'd never hire an Indian under any circumstances.

So yes, I'd say I have some privileges other people don't, solely because I'm white.
@9: On the second point, several states have signed on to the National Popular Vote compact (it's currently being considered by my state legislature). It's an agreement that pledges all of a state's electoral college votes to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote, essentially nullifying the electoral college. Doesn't come into effect until enough states have ratified it to elect a president; I think they're about halfway to that now.
I'm not totally surprised that the modern conservative party thinks slaveowners were ludicrously generous. I've seen how they vote on labor issues.
#16 It seemed to me that first people gasped, then one or two people clapped and cheered.

#9 Technically the Congressional districts can be changed between censuses. It just very rarely happens.

In the most gerrymandered states, however, I would find it quite fair for the Democrats to change the districts if they get the opportunity. Ideally, they would pass a law for a non-partisan re-districting process which would apply immediately rather than waiting for the next census.
@8: It's like when people insist that the Dems are racists because apparently they want to keep black people on welfare. Hello? No profit motive!
@20 I just have one bone to pick with you. Of course, it would be Americans owning Canadian slaves. The former suggestion was simply ridiculous. ;)
Come on, 21st century America! Where's the YouTube video? I've seen Republicans sporting smart phones, so somebody should have something to post.

Keep proving Governor Jindal's point, conservatives..
Oops, there it is further down the scroll. My bad.
@10: Hefner (and Spectorsky, his non-fiction editor) frequently went for edgy and controversial stuff in those days. They also carried a long interview with George Lincoln Rockwell, the then-head of the American Nazi Party. The interviewer was Alex (Roots) Haley.
I'm sure Republicans are embarrassed by this racist, misogynist and history denying piece of shit's comments- or at least pretend to be- but remember: you get the constituency you cultivate.
6, I agree w/ your point, but the question was central during the drafting of the Constitution, so it's been around much longer than a mere 100 years.

15, I would really like to know why you feel that this is somehow important to the point. Because you sound like an apologist for slavery. I mean, if you're trying to show that there were people outside of America that were involved in slavery, that's one thing. It's an obvious fact that most educated people know. We're discussing America; not Portugal or Africa or Venice or any of that.
@ 26 - No, I think Bonefish was right on the money. In order for Americans to own Canadians, they would have to go to Canada to collect them. And Canadians, like Russians, could pull back further north and just wait until their weather and their wildlife took care of the unfortunate Americans. If the wolverines and the polar bears don't get you, the moose will! xD
@15, How unfortunate for you that you just read a post about a person at a major political conference talking about the perks of slavery and you still feel bitter and personally affronted by the discussion because ...something something privilege. One of the most debilitating side-effects of unchecked privilege is that you think everything is always about YOU. Must be a hell of a burden to carry.
@10: 2013 - 1965 = 48, not >50.

@32 Alaska

Seriously, if we start from there most everything just keeps getting nicer as we drag those maple-lipped Canucks down to our plantations in the lower 48.
I also thought this had to be a theatrical stunt. I mean, defending slavery? Really?? Were you raised in a cave in the wilderness by neo-Nazis?

Well... I should know better. I did a quick Google search for him by simply using his name and state and, I'm sad to report, the man is very, very real. Here's the link for his recommended reading list, posted in 2011 in some website called Faith and Heritage, complete with mini-blurbs for each book. (He includes Lord of the Rings!) The website editor adds five more to the list.

Get ready to trip. Basically, other than his constant hammering of his version of Christianity, the guy stepped out of a time machine from the Third Reich. Antisemitism? Defense of the Confederacy? An urging to "give up our love of Democracy"? (I kid you not.) It's all there.

There's even a Ron Paul book! I knew it!…
@36 Educate yourself, sheeple! Educate yourself by not finishing high school and watching a lot of Youtube conspiracy videos.
@36 Thanks... I guess. What a lovely trip into the depths of true squirrel-shit zaniness that was. He mentions a "tedious military career" in his bio. I would imagine that discovering that the military has a policy of treating your fellow soldiers as equals, regardless of race, probably made it tedious indeed for him. One suspects he spent a fair bit of time reading (barely) all those big, important sounding books and praying while the rest of his unit was out having fun.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the shit some people believe but I'm gobsmacked that some white men really believe they are not the most privileged animal on the planet. I'm going to go drink a lot now and pretend I didn't read 15's comment.

Oh and 11 wins, best comment I've read in while. I may have to plagiarize that the next time I'm faced with a whiny white male complaining about how oppressed he is!
As troubled as I am by conservatives equating 19th century slavery with 21st century employment, I am more troubled by their equating 21st century employment with 19th century slavery.
@32, I stand corrected! A moose once bit my sister...
Times like this, I wonder why we didn't let the South secede.
After " “For what? For feeding him and housing him?” Several people in the audience cheered and applauded Terry’s outburst."
It gets even better-

"After the exchange, Terry muttered under his breath, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association."

Just clicked on the guy's site. Got a chuckle at a message at the bottom of the page saying my browser is not supported and I should upgrade to IE9. I'm using IE10.
@15: If that's what you think "privilege" means, I'm sorry, someone did a terrible job of explaining it to you.

You can have privilege and still be poor. Privilege doesn't in any way guarantee success. It just means that the thousand little daily setbacks and inconveniences (and occasional big problems) faced by people of color, women, queers, etc, don't hit you. Racial privilege means you aren't on the receiving end of daily, lifelong racism. Gender privilege means you aren't on the receiving end of daily, lifelong sexism. I don't know if there's an accepted term for privilege based on sexual orientation, but it means you aren't on the receiving end of daily, lifelong heterosexism.

"Privilege" isn't necessarily the word I would have chosen, because it carries a connotation of being actively helped along or pushed forward, which isn't what the term really means in this context. It just means you aren't being actively and continuously held back by society at large.
@46 Heterosexism is the term you may be looking for.
Fnarf and ThetaSigma: Please be aware that Southern secession would have left enslaved people to the tender mercies of their owners for the forseeable future. And today, it would still kick a lot of great people out of our country. This asshole doesn't represent "the South" and he never really has.
@47: I mean a term for the privilege of not having to deal with heterosexism. "[WORD] privelege," like "racial privilege" or "gender privilege."
@50: Nah, any politician worth his wealthy anonymous donors knows that you can get followers with empty promises just as easily as with money. Just look at what the GOP has done with its futile efforts to ban gays, overturn Obamacare, and end all government regulation of industry!
And Obama has held more real jobs than the two of us put together, I'd wager. I figure you don't count nonprofit work or civil service as a "real job", the imbecile that you are, but Obama was a lawyer for ELEVEN YEARS. That takes skill.
@6 - As a full-bore progressive and a southerner who's roots go back 150 years before the revolution, I can tell you: these are the
"Death Throes of Dead-Enders" - that's why the screetching is so bad. Virginia, NC, GA and soon TX will be turning blue. No need to dump the south - the reason that both parties can afford to stop kow-towing to the reactionary retrogrades is that they're losing their power, even in the south.
@38 - the problem is the volunteer military has nearly been captured by these nutjobs - ever heard of Boykin? It's yet another reason to bring back the draft.
@34, noted.
@48: fair point, and I'm sorry I maligned the South -- but the sane people should be a hell of a lot louder! I live in the Northeast, and the Southerners I tend to hear about are... just fucking NUTS.
this is despicable. at least there's hope that the libertarian wing (non-racist/non-sexist/anti-war/pro-drugs/pro-gay marriage) of the republican party will take over since they were stomped in the 2012 election and shift the debate to a more reasonable arena
@56: "at least there's hope that the libertarian wing (non-racist/non-sexist/anti-war/pro-drugs/pro-gay marriage) of the republican party will take over since they were stomped in the 2012 election and shift the debate to a more reasonable arena"

Sorry, there is zero chance of this. The Southern Strategy still continues to work too successfully in the Tea Party.
@13 The difference is that the crazies on the left are not applauded and pandered to by Democratic elected officials. Many if not most Republican Members of Congress refuse to call out the extremism in their party for fear of losing a primary. And some such as Michelle Bachmann and Steve King even endorse lunatic Birther conspiracies.

Instead of inaccurate "both sides do it" analysis, responsible Americans need to continue calling on Republican leaders to speak out against the insanity in their ranks. And they should be pilloried every time they dodge the question with non-comments like "I don't know where the President was born" or "The President says he's a Christian."
@44 This sadly doesn't look like satire.
But y'all know that Rightwing websites are claiming that Terry is a liberal plant to make Repubs look bad. Like anyone has to do that.