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The bike messengers can out run bag guys with guns and thugs with chains but not a pregnant lady with a stungun?…

I've been lied to. Joseph, I want my $12 back..
re: bike messengers. When you're a dick to everybody, eventually you're a dick to a crazy person. You don't usually expect that crazy person to be a pregnant lady with a stun gun that she wields like brass knuckles, but such is life.
Honked aggressively? Fucking bike messengers.
Hey news intern, why did you add the word "aggressively" to the bike story? It appears nowhere in the article. It does, however, change the nature of the incident described in the article by making the car kicker more sympathetic. Were you there? Do you have additional info you'd like to share? Or are you just an asshole?

Wonder what the take away from the story would have been had the pregnant lady been packing a .357 and popped a cap in the bikers ass?
Sharing your city with other people is a matter of life and death? Cut down on the drama a notch or ten and you just might have a reasonable complaint.
The world would be a better place if more bikers got the shit beaten out of them for being assholes. Maybe they'd actually think twice about it.
And the takeaway that I get from the comments here is that Seattle's most passive-aggressive think it's okay to kick vehicles.
7, but all those other assholes get a pass, right? Well, looks like you're off the hook.

Remember a time when less that 65% of slog comments were from trolls trying to attack perceived sacred cows?
Is it my imagination or do all of Putin's critics end up dead or in prison?
Yeah, the messenger sounds like he may well have been an idiot. That said, the story notes that the car "stopped abruptly and honked at" him. For the intern to make the leap to that honk being "aggressive" is really hardly a stretch (I suppose you could probably argue that it's a leap he shouldn't make, though I also think it's pretty silly to get worked up about it.)
I get the impression Sacramento's making a pretty legitimate push to keep the Kings too.…

@12 I see the same level of getting worked up over "aggressively" as intern does over "forcible". Fair's fair?
Wonderful video interview with Tim Minchin here, on the eve of his "Matilda" opening on Broadway:…


(also, as long as we're sweating the details, my apologies for referring to the intern as "he" up there.)

Don't get worked up about it? We only follow the example of our fiercely opinionated Stranger writers. Goldy and Constant could be regarded as pansies if they didn't release their literary venom once or more a day. Full disclosure, I really don't care all that much, my coffee is in the other room, and it's getting cold. Then have to shower up for Palm Sunday mass. A great day wish to all ya.
The stun-gun couple are going to make wonderful parents.

Not the same thing at all. "Forcible" is a term the rightwing wants to advance to excuse "non-violent" rape as something that women "ask for." "Aggressive" is an interpretation of what the driver did as he came to an "abrupt" stop and started honking.
Not all statutory rape is forcible, btw.
Just watched Manhattan last night, after about ten years. I completely forgot that Woody Allen plays a statutory rapist in it! (He's 42, she's 17)
It seems remarkable that the messenger could not get away from a pregnant woman. All three sound like assholes. As for the hyperbole by the intern, that is an editorial choice consistent with all Stranger articles; no surprises there. The Stranger's biases are obvious and well known which makes interpreting its product easier, similar to Fox News.
Why are Christians having a Bar Mitzvah? Don't they know how trashy Hanukkah bushes are? You know, ripping off someone else's religious traditions doesn't make you look good in today's society.
@19 see @21
@22: 17 is typically the oldest age of consent.
Chosen People.
a history lesson.

Those who accept and follow The Messiah are the Chosen People. If they are not blood descendants of Abraham they are adopted into the Seed of Abraham. Literal descendants of Abraham who reject The Messiah are disowned.
It is entirely possible (and manifestly so) that some modern day "xtians" may be much more devout "Jews" than racial Jews.
The first automobiles, Henry Ford's time and earlier, had two horns: one as an "excuse me" pleasant chirp, the other as the usual horn sound.
It's time to reintroduce that technology. Think of the altercations that will be avoided and the lives that will be saved from road rage murders.
@26 I believe it's generally either 16 or 18. I rarely heard about 17.

Not really relevant to your earlier point, which was a comparison of apples and oranges. But my impression is that the practice has been to qualify rape as "statutory" rather than "forcible," if editors felt the qualification was appropriate. Technically, the CT football players in the news now are accused of statutory rape, since the sex these 18-year-olds had was with 13-year-old girls has been deemed "consensual." And as anyone paying attention knows, the girls are being attacked for ruining these football players' lives.

A few weeks ago I came to a 4-way stop at an intersection near my house down here in a residential part of Portland. Just as I was starting thru the stop sign, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of a pedestrian, text messaging on her phone, and walking thru the same intersection. I stopped and gave a perfectly executed friendly little tap of my horn and polite wave to see her thru. Without looking up from her phone, see flips me off and continues thru the intersection. I roll down my window, tell her I was attempting to be cordial, and, caught in the moment, call her a nasty word. She flips out, starts charging my car (for what purpose I have no idea, though she seemed to be in full on attack mode) and I peeled away in the terrified interest of preventing any damage to myself or car.

The whole thing was incredibly sad, if a little funny, in retrospect, and may well have been prevented entirely by your suggestion there.

The technocrats persist in their strategy of homogenization, which fosters a filling-in of all the older “spaces” of the city with massive structures, obliterating all intervals of human scale and their Victorian vestiges. It kills community.

-Marshall McLuhan, Take Today, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1972, pp 30-31.
@28 & 31: the Chevy Volt is equipped with that very thing. I think they call it a "pedestrian horn", or something like that. A reaction to how quiet the EV's are and the need to not freak out those you sidle up to, I suppose.
@33: I worry about cats not hearing EVs.
And some really important news NONE of the Korporate Amerika media is following:…

The Cyprus Parliament rejected a bailout plan that would have seized almost 10% of private savings deposits and used the money to bail out Cyprus banks. The vote was almost unanimous.

[Must read article by a real expert below.]…


The Long-planned Confiscation Scheme

The deal pushed by the “troika” – the EU, ECB and IMF – has been characterized as a one-off event devised as an emergency measure in this one extreme case. But the confiscation plan has long been in the making, and it isn’t limited to Cyprus.


And from Russ Baker's site, we learn some interesting background on Obama's speechwriter.....…

Though the Times never underlines this, the careful reader comes to realize that Rhodes’s guiding philosophy is as hard to discern as the precise reasons that he has the president’s ear. In 1997, he briefly worked on the re-election campaign of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican. Shortly after 9/11, the aspiring novelist suddenly decided to do his part for society, moving in 2002 from Queens to Washington, and quickly found himself “helping draft the 9/11 Commission report as well as the Iraq Study Group report.”

Searching sources other than the Times, we find that David Rhodes was a production assistant at the fledgling Fox News Channel around the same time Benjamin was volunteering for Giuliani—and was the conservative channel’s news desk Assignment Manager when the planes struck the Twin Towers. Highly trusted by Fox’s chairman Roger Ailes, he managed Fox’s coverage of three presidential elections, including the one where his brother was writing Obama’s speeches, was hired by Bloomberg TV right after Obama’s election, and in 2011 was named president of CBS News.

If the Times does get around to explaining that, may we ask one question? Did Benjamin Rhodes even attend college? (No thanks to the Times, we learn from a brief Wikipedia entry that he did—Rice University in Houston, Texas). OK, here’s another: what did Rhodes do, prior to 2002, that made him sufficiently expert to help craft the 9/11 report? (No easy answers on that one.)

(Un-frigging-believable that no Official Newsies would cover this, it was up to Russ Baker to write this ups???)…
Motherfuckin goyim.
@30 it's nice to know you admit to your impressions being wrong.
Can you imagine a world in which there are no saleabrations?

@22 and @29: Maybe go a google search... "The age of consent in New York is 17":…

@39 Huh. There are 9 states that chose 17.

The more I know. *cues music*

Also, I had thought the AoC around here was 18, not 16.
@36 I'm with you.
Hagee is something else, isn't he?

The Israeli gov't looks at him and sees advantages. 1) He can bring Nationalist parties like Likud money, and 2) his organization CUFI (Cristians United For Israel) can lobby Congress to ensure continued American support.

The price is that they have to play into his co-opting of Jewish culture. They have to grin and bear it when he casts Israeli citizens as mere pawns in his apocalyptic hallucinations. Given that there is no jesus or apocalypse, they probably figure it's short term gain without any long term pain. And it is, so long as Hagee doesn't do something to trigger a military conflict with the Arabs.
I think everyone should Ride the Ducks. Until they break their little legs and we have to put 'em down.

Go Dawgs.
@37 Glad you're happy.
@28 Phoebe, normally I think you are bat shit crazy. But today, nearing the eve of Passover and my heart allowing for the amazing to be true... I agree with you...Gasp...

But just this once

I think we should all have an Augha Horn.…
Fascist Dan Savage should be denied any press platform for supporting the Empire's rape of Iraq, but I'm glad that Slog has stories that highlight the insanity of religion, esp. the Hagee/2nd coming crap.
@24, why not bnei mitzvahs? The Christians ripped everything else off and renamed it and/or changed the date. Appropriating other religions is a Christian tradition.
@45: Thank you dear. My doctor is trying a different blood pressure medication.
@27: This from the people who want to toss the entire Old Testament out the window, who think you can atone for sins against others through prayer, who don't even know what day the Sabbath falls on.
why are you buttsore?
you don't have a dog in that fight.....
Re: "forcible." Actually, rape in the first degree must be forcible in WA; rape in the second and third degrees need not be (the latter categories cover "When the victim is incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated" and plain old saying no, among other circumstances). Check out RCW RCW 9A.44.040, RCW 9A.44.050, and RCW 9A.44.060.
What self-respecting bike messenger gets caught by any car? Real question. What the hell?