The Republican Answer to Obamacare Is a Lottery


Democrats hate poverty.

Republicans hate the people in poverty.
Who's rationing care now?
It's like Hunger Games, in reverse.
I'd like to see this approach expanded. How about a "juggle for your food stamps" contest?
A fetus has a right to life, but everything else that keeps a person alive is a crapshoot -- quite literally in Tennessee -- once you are born. There is absolutely no coherence or moral grounding to Republican policy when it comes to these matters.
Next up, Republicans suggest the Lottery method for reducing health care costs.
Healthcare is a State's issue, not a Federal one, despite the zeitgeist.

The problem is Pauly, you have the nuts to actually cite "ThinkProgress" as a reputable source.


May the odds be ever in your favor.
@ 7 It is, but I am sure to you National Review is credible.

And bullshit its not a federal issues, it is a federal issue.
It is was not a federal issues the conservative Supreme Court would have struck down the ACA.
It's called TennCare because only ten people get the care, and the Tennessee govt can't spell.
@7, As I'm sure you are well aware, the ACA empowers states to develop their own means of providing health care to their citizens so long as they work as good or better than the federal exchanges, which is how this oh-so-brilliant idea came into existence in the first place. So far, most states are opting to go with the federal plan. But of course I don't need to tell you this because you have such an impressive command of this issue.
(Proteus beat me to the now-and-forever obvious link.)

Well, sure. Play enough times and you're bound to "win," right?!
Tennessee is a terrible place to live if you need any form of public assistance. When I left Nashville many, many years ago and found work in California that ended abruptly eight months later, I applied for unemployment. My benefits had to come from Tennessee because that's where I'd worked for the majority of the last five quarters (used in calculating benefit amounts). I'd worked 35-40 hours a week for 4 years. Tennessee calculated my benefit at $16 a week (about $83 a week in today's dollar).

My sister gave birth to a disabled child and spent 16 years in Hell trying to find resources for her. It was more than a full-time job. Social Security is a Federal program managed on the state level, and they were constantly turning my sister down for benefits.

Tennessee is no place to be if you are poor and/or are in need of help. It's generally a poor state, but is full of multi-millionaires from banking and insurance.

@7: This story was also featured in this morning's NYT.
@ 14 He not going to find the NYT credible either the "liberal" media and all
How is this any different that Washington state? Washington basic care has a waitlist that my girlfriend is currently on, because too many people qualify for the insurance.
This sounds like a new and exciting way to empower the poor! Enter the lottery, and if you win, even if you don't need the treatment option you got, you can then turn around and auction it on Ebay. How much will you give me for this appendectomy, people? Trade ya for a herniated disc! Or a breast biopsy and a 12-pack of Diet Orange Crush!
Oregon uses a lottery - not sure if our state has used one for health care, but Seattle (SHA) uses one for the subsidized housing waitlist.
Here we go: Eli covered it in 2009. WA considered using a lottery to shed 36,000 beneficiaries from our Basic Health Plan, but accomplished the same goal with a rate increase instead. More humane? You decide.…
In other lottery news, the $300M winning Powerball ticket was purchased at a New Jersey liquor store.
I find this interesting because during negotiations over the Affordable Care Act, one of the claims frequently repeated on the blogosphere was that in Canada health care is apportioned on the basis of lottery.
Oregon and Washington may have that system in place today, but Medicaid lotteries are the kind of thing the ACA was designed to fix.
As others have mentioned above, this kind of thing is commonplace these days. People with employer-provided coverage have no idea how horrific and deadly it is to be self- or un- employed in the US. In most states, health insurance companies are perfectly free to turn you down for any pre-existing condition, however minor.
Yes, the lottery is terrible.

Please spell Haslam's last name correctly.

Thank you.
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