To Be Fair to the Boys, the Cat Was Asking for It


Fuck that video and it's introductory ad that plays at an alarming and obnoxiously loud volume by default with no on screen volume control or even pause option available.
Yeah women are animals, great point
The major religions in the world don't preach that cats should be subservient. That cats should do whatever their male masters order them to do. That cats should be punished severely if they show themselves in public or present any bit of independence and thought.
If we can all agree that only fucked-up individuals want to torture animals, why do we have to pretend that all men need lecturing not to rape? Can we drop this shit already?
Same for unborn babies.

Too damn cute.

Fine Delicate Fingers.

Teeny Tiny Toes.
Heart Beating Away....

Just asking to be aborted.

It's really not fair to blame the Liberals who slaughter a million American babies every year.....
@4: Not sure it's saying that all men need a lecture - though it is fair to say that if all men made a conscious choice NOT to rape, then rape would pretty much be over.

I think this is less about the "don't rape" message and more in response to the recent highly-publicized attitudes about rape which include calling rape victims sluts who were asking for it.

But great, you're enlightened so problem solved.
The (Liberal) moral to the story:

BAN Boys.
@4 - most people don't think what you and I consider rape to be rape. Rape, in their minds, is a woman being attacked by a total stranger while otherwise living a completely blameless life (IE never having sex, drinking, taking drugs, or Existing While Black). Anything else is varying degrees of 'she had it coming.'

So yes, we do need to teach boys not to rape. Because the culture and the majority of people in it is not teaching it. Because the culture and the majority of people in it, really, at the end of the day, don't think women are worth as much as men.
that is an EXCELLENT idea, @7! cull the herd!
@10 It's absurd that I can now marry my cat, but she (or he) can't be armed.
Oh, I get it. We need to look out for the rights of cats but not dogs, am I right? Fuck all those dogs because they're not cats, since Cats are the only ones that deserve special treatment these days, according to all you politically correct hippie gaywads. You're all so pussy-whipped you don't realize what you're doing to all the poor dogs out there.

Fuck you and fuck all you felinist bastards. Also come hang out with cool people like me at r/dogsrights! Fedoras encouraged!
@8 how do you know any of this? Why is this type of crime extended out to some kind of "thing we need to tell all boys/men" vs others?
@14 Don't you get sick of people harshing your buzz while you're out there defending rapists?
14, the more I read your posts, the more convinced I am you're a troll. Your rhetorical questions reflect someone who wants to continue to use their date-rape drugs and not have to think that they're actually raping another woman. So, troll, y'know, like bugger off.
@ 4/14, the more you continue with that line of thought, the more I think you're one of the men who DO need lecturing. Guys like me - the ones who TRULY don't need it - don't get all butthurt about these things.
All I can say is, the parents of the boys totally and completely suck.
But cats are assholes.
You know the kind of kids that torture and kill small animals? FUTURE SERIAL KILLERS.
@21 you are correct, but it always disheartens me that violence against animals isn't enough of an outrage on its own - always, always someone brings up that it's a predictor for human violence. yes indeed that is a real thing - no argument. but torturing an animal should be treated as a very serious crime, regardless of what other behaviors it might lead to. our reluctance to bring the law down hard on these monsters fills me with rage and sadness.

i'm really not aiming at you, just expressing my general contempt for this all-too-common attitude. yes, the same people who would take a baseball bat to a puppy are likely on the path to being rapists and murderers. but beating a puppy with a baseball bat is enough evidence on its own that they already ARE monsters, and i get sick and angry at the notion that they're merely on their way to becoming monsters.
The false equivalency is so strong, I'm shocked that Goldy isn't voting republican.
@21 That's because psychological study don't pay attention to all the kids who tortured animals and never became serial killers. Which is most of them.