City Will Help Fund "Fresh Bucks" Matching Funds Program for Food Stamp Users at Farmers Markets, Says Mayor's Office


Yes, because if there's one thing the po' really need, it's $5 heirloom tomatoes and bearded, white, college kids playing hobo music with spoons and wash boards while they shop.
@1 obviously has never been to a local farmer's market in Seattle. If you go at the end of the day, it's cheaper.
I only buy local organic malt liquor with my food stamps.
I support the this program.

Personally I think food stamps should only be allowed to be used to buy whole natural foods. I am tired of seeing my hard earned tax dollars spent on cheetos and pop at big box retailers. All the current program really is is a massive government subsidy to big retail and big ag.
If the city cared about climate change, it wouldn't be supporting farmer's markets. They are the epitome of an energy hog. Each vendor driving all the way from East Bumfuck for the weekend. But let's face it, no one's going to get between an eco-faking yuppie and his artisan cheese.
#4, I'd like to see the government giving away surplus commodities and cookbooks.