Rodney Tom Kills Reproductive Parity Act


I just left this committee hearing. I hope it gets out of committee. I'll remain optimistic for now.
@1 The chair letting it out of committee is tantamount to the chair voting for it. Becker knows that.
Obviously this DINO takes us all for morons.
Goldy, can you change the (T-Medina) after Tom's name to (Q-Medina)?
The "Q" is for Quisling.
Conservatives are continuing their degeneracy into caricature.

"Sex? Sex? Does it have to do w/ SEX??? Abolish it! Abolish it! Those Damn Libruls ruin everything! It's all their fault!"
@4, I think the "T" is for Traitor, but I could be wrong. Same idea.
@5, I don't think the conservatives are against providing insurance coverage for Viagra and its clones. So it isn't about sex; it's about women.
You guys: please submit PRO- HB2044 comments HERE before the committee votes on Wednesday:…

If that link is too long for the slog box, try this:

Also, if you write an email to she will forward it to the committee.
Change the T to A for ASSWIPE.
He's going to screw women, screw teachers (who are mostly women), screw the poor (again, mostly women). Based on that, I'd probably have to conclude that Rodney Tom - ASSWIPE - hates women.
Noticed that Rep Manweller (RW) is on the committee. The same guy who had an affair with one of his students while he was a high school teacher. Wonder how he'll vote?
Mercer Island voters are you paying attention? Tom and Sheldon need to go.