Only Straight People Can Get Pregnant By Accident


What an mental tongue twister. Phew!

And I certainly hope that Lohan is NOT pregnant.
ok not first. I tried tho.
First of all, I'm tired of people talking shit about Lindsay. I bet her problems are a huge, paparazzi-driven, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Second, I totally agree with all the rest of what you wrote. The arguments against SSM are becoming more weakly delivered as their inanity comes to light. SSM doesn't make marriage less attractive. In my case (I'm a heterosexual atheist), calling it a "sacred institution" does.

Third, isn't Lindsay bisexual?
I wonder if it is Jimmy Deen's kid...

Bret Easton Ellis will be so jealous.
You do realize that yesterday was April Fool's Day, don't you?
Slight tangent: In July, Lohan will turn 27. Would she qualify for the 27 Club "if" she were to die in the year following that? She has released two albums, but the last one was in 2005, and her last single was 2008, and she was never primarily known as a musician.
Little did I think it would get so TMZ in here!
TMZ has showed her drinking and smoking her way through Brazil and said her lawyer has made allowing her Adderall prescription a condition of her coming mandatory rehab, so if she's pregnant, poor fetus.
She just tweeted that it was an April Fool's joke, so you can relax now.
nothing more beautiful than a damsel needing saving.
All I know is that Lindsay Lohan is in the number one spot on my 2013 Celebrity Deathpool list. She's worth 73 points.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:

Lohan's pregnancy might be an April Fool's joke, but FAS isn't.
@14 But celebrity gives you a free pass. She could just dump the kid on the taxpayers. Too bad she can't dump it on the doorstep of the anti-abortion boneheads.