Seattle Police Arrest Two Tar Sands Protesters at Canadian Consulate


While I find this interesting, the Canadian Constitution does not permit the Federal Government to control natural resources, or even pipelines.

It's the Provincial Governments that do that. The feds can sign treaties when it crosses a border, but they have little control over this issue. While this might get covered on CBC, it's the provinces that are where the action is really happening.

But, hey, whatever. It's like blaming Texas when Oklahoma is being a jerk.
"Fake oil"?

Sheet of petrolium based polymer to protect the carpet.

That is some HARD CORE activism right there.
I hope they're not wearing any nylon, never fly anywhere, cycle and walk everywhere, never us a computer and never, ever stick plastic dildos powered by batteries up their backsides.
This is serious stuff. I'm glad some people are willing to take some risks to call attention to it.
"Some people". That must be the baker's dozen who showed up right, burning oil the whole way there.
While some may find it easy to criticize these people, the grand majority of you out there are doing nothing and some are directly supporting or profiting off of the pillaging and poisoning of land air and water. These companies and their governmental partners are producing death for dollars. So I applaud these brave activists who are putting there own necks on the line, literally, to call for and end to this toxic disaster.
Our country has become a petro state. Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a fucking monster.
Well done people! I'm glad you're drawing attention to all the details. It's absolutely outrageous that in the onset of climate change we increase fossil fuel production.