The Slog Netflix Streaming Club: I Think We're Alone Now


About 15 years ago I did a image search for Alyssa Milano, babelicious. I know nothing about Tiffany however.
I found it super fascinating, but it almost crossed the line of ridiculing the subjects, both of whom seem to be battling some serious mental issues. I felt for them, though. I want them to be ok.

It was also interesting that none of Tiffany's music was actually used in this film. Tiffany herself seems like a sweet person.
I watched this many months ago, and I found it similarly fascinating.

The "best" part of the movie for me was definitely Jeff talking about the new love interest in his life, "Alyssa", whom he talks about in such concrete terms that you actually think the poor guy has finally found a girlfriend...and then you realize he's talking about Alyssa Milano. It should be funny, but at that point it is just profoundly sad.
Asperger's, not Asberger's. And I'm betting it's more than Asperger's he's got, as psychotic thinking is not a symptom of same.
When Kelly couldn't get into the Tiffany show, because her driver's liscense was expired, I almost cried.
I couldn't finish it. It wasn't okay with me. I love Errol Morris docs that take me into the lives of ordinary, eccentric people. But this felt more like Celebrity Rehab: exploiting people with serious health problems to make a buck.
I can barely put into words how much I hated this "documentary." I agree that it exploited the subjects terribly, but I also felt like it was missing any semblance of balance, for example interviews with doctors, with Tiffany or her management, etc.
Will in Seattle was great in his starring role.
It's notable that in the commentary tracks Kelly admits that she lied about being intersex, and was born male. I guess she thought it would be more sympathetic to be intersex, not trans? I have no idea.
Also, Rich Juzwiak at Fourfour wrote a couple of great pieces about this movie, they're worth your eyeballs and time.
As a make up artist, who has taught queer boys and girls how to do their makeup and hair- and pass- it killed me watching kelly try to do her make up hoping to catch tiffany's attention. Not in an way but I wish I could've helped her.
I haven't watched the show, and certainly any behavior resulting in a restraining order is too far, but having been there, done that, sometimes a celebrity crush, even an overwhelmingly obsessive celebrity crush, is a survival mechanism. Something that from the outside might be disturbing, creepy and a clear sign of mental illness might be the healthiest thing about the person, like a grow light for a plant that is waiting for the spring to return.
This documentary felt cruel to me, like the filmmaker expected us to be entertained by mental illness and loneliness. I didn't find it entertaining though, just deeply saddening, especially Kelly's story.
my god, that was so depressing. the loneliness was just crushing. i know there are countless people in the world who are so painfully lonely, but it's so heartbreaking when you really sit down and look right at it. and if it's that uncomfortable to witness, i can't even fathom what it would be like to be living that loneliness.

i expected this to be a guilty voyeuristic pleasure akin to watching "my strange addiction" or some such, but it wasn't at all. it was impossible to feel anything but sad.
The reason Tiffany's music wasn't used was that the film makers misrepresented themselves to her to get an interview and, once she found out what was really going on, she refused to allow participation in any way. She is not the only one who was lied to either.

Yeah, it's incredibly sad. They totally exploited Jeff and Kelly and used really sketchy tactics to make this film.
You know, Tiffany is still working; my brother in law is in her very diverse band. Burly bodyguards aren't an affordable option right now. That's why you should never get famous unless you stay that way.

This movie is just sad. It does make a good point about how guns should not be readily available for everyone and the importance of setting up some sort of health care system in this country and how mental illness should be included in it. You know, like an illness.
On Facebook Kelly calls the movie "my film". She doesn't feel exploited. She claims to no longer listen to Tiffany cds and now has a girlfriend. Maybe she will be alright. We can hope! As for Jeff, he will always be chasing his imaginary lovers. He seems harmless enough. I wonder what medications these two are on?