It's Time to Start Getting Excited About the Seattle International Film Festival


Even More Ado About Nothing.
Not that there aren't good films every year -- with a slate of hundreds of them grinding on for weeks, there had better be -- nor that these examples aren't perhaps among the ones worthy of interest. But every year it's just weird to see the city go completely ga-ga for a disorganized behemoth of such negligible cultural import.

As I said before, the opening-night title is ridiculously apt.
But the title is about vagina, which is awesome.

Okay, my google-fu is a google-fumble. Does anyone have a link to Twin Peaks SIFF info? Twin peaks does not appear to be coming up on the Siff site even.
Things won't be on siff site until full festival announcement and box office opening next week.
We don't even get a photo of your thumb drive?

Can't they just stream these on YouTube?
@3 you just want this sort of blat?:…

("Noir City" ain't up yet, apparently...… )
Nice spam @9

Nice comment @6

Nice flashback @3

Where did the numbers go?
@8 Noir City happens in February, not during the festival. It was really good this year, but there will also be some cool archival screenings in the fest that you'll love!

Like Phase IV? (which played four years ago at the GI)
Bling Ring is a faux documentary? Did that trailer remind anyone else of Gus Van Sant's "To Die For"? It even seemed like Emma Watson was doing a riff on Nicole Kidman's "Suzanne Stone." OMG, it's the same movie!

If this is the new, restored "Phase IV", with the rejected (by Universal) and recently discovered 4th reel, that's THE ticket you need for this year's festival.
@14: Thanks for the heads up!
actually, i'm hating siff right now. each pass now has a barcode which is scanned. the data is collected and linked to your membership account so they track every film you ever see during your life through siff. fucked up. and they won't give members the option to opt out and they won't let you into a film without being scanned. sucks ass. i hate you, siff!