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I don't blame the President for being wary about intelligence reports regarding chemical weapons. The CIA can find a million curveball types, and they are undoubtedly itching to get in there. The military welfare complex is probably getting antsy, what with the sequester and all.

Anything that drains the resources of the NRA is a good thing.
I'm going to second the opinion that the Boston Globe story, an extensive account of the night "Danny" was carjacked by the Tsarnaevs, is awesome!
Did this ever get mentioned?

A brother and sister were among the passengers of a sinking fishing boat in the Caribbean and ended up swimming 14 hours to shore. The sister is a Seattle resident.…
Less than eight kitchens for 56 units? APodments sound like mini slums.
The guys in London planning attacks got very few years in jail in comparison to what would have happened to them here...(between 10 and 20). I am generally quite liberal and believe in rehabilitation of prisoners and such but... does that seen short to anyone else too?
The adult sloths were my most distinct memory last time I visited the zoo.
Just stopping in long enough to ask, again, why the gay silence about Bradley Manning? Glenn Greenwald takes on the issue in today's Guardian:…

It is The Stranger's continuing embarrassment to avoid confronting this issue. Obedience will not protect you, or gay marriage, or anything else.
With the coming Cascadian population crash, apodments may go down as a fin de siecle amusing spur off the track to the 21st century sparsity.
@8 Bradley Manning is a traitor. Fuck him. He can rot.
baseball bats, airsoft gun, paintball gun, .22. why are criminals so poorly armed when there's so many yahoos to steal guns from?

@9: saying that won't make it happen, emmet watson jr.
Is there a difference between "progressives" and fascism? I've been trying to find one and I can't. "The State is (and should be) all-powerful" is fascist by definition. So is "confiscate all the guns."

Feel free to try to enlighten me, but as far as I can see, you're all just a bunch of deluded nitwits who are being led by the ring in your nose, without even questioning where.
@12: context?

you're ranting early, 5280. worry about your own progressive state.
No context, really, Max, except that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between crazy, extremist left-wingers and crazy, extremist right-wingers these days.

You're both fucking nuts.
@14, if you find yourself comparing background checks to gas chambers, it means you've gone off the deep end yourself there, 528.
Right wingers want to ban abortions. Left wingers want to make you wait a few days when buying a gun so The Government can make sure you're not a known violent criminal.
Texas governor and legislature, through deliberate and calculated avoidance and elimination of regulations, unleashes chemical weapons on Texas, then gets annoyed when someone points it out.
It's All Rigged

Matt Taibbi's latest article in the Rolling Stone once again exemplifies how everything is rigged. Now we've been inundated with the Wall Street talking point, spewed forth from the US Chamber of Commerce, Business Round Table, Financial Services Round Table and their various conduits, and their crooked and corrupt politicians, that it's all about "casino betting" when nothing could be more fictional: it's all rigged, no bets nor risk involved!

(Taibbi's teaser article here)…

If you understand credit default swaps and naked swaps, you'll understand how it's rigged.

If you understand futures contracts and forward contracts, you'll understand how it's rigged.

If you understand how hedge funds are structured under the Investment Company Act, you'll understand how it's rigged.

If you understand the Stock Borrow Program of the DTCC and its usage in naked shorting, you'll understand how it's rigged.

If you understand the LIBOR rigging of global bank rates, you'll understand how it's rigged.

And if you understand how they all work in conjunction with each other, and that the banks and oil companies are financially interlocked and owned by the same entities, and in turn own all the financial exchanges and clearinghouses, you'll fully understand that they have their very own ultra-monopoly today!

And once you understand that the largest banks own the largest hedge funds, and that the next group of the largest hedge funds are owned by the descendants of the richest families (Rockefeller family, Morgan family, Harriman family, Mellon family, du Pont family, Guggenheim family, Koch family, etc.) and realize who the owners of the top banks are, you begin to realize just how incredibly, mind-boggling rigged it really is!

It's all rigged ........


Try and tell that to editors of most blogs around here.

Agree..the apodment scam, battery cars, age discrimination laws, and density are all rigs by the system with urbist bloggers as their shills.
And now for the real news:…

The only real democrat in the US Senate:……

And the vid:…

Why do American-based multinationals and corporations hate America so much?
The 2nd-oldest animal--Adwaita, according to the article--died in 2006, according to Wikipedia.
Derp... the OLDEST, I mean. I really should read the preview before posting.
And further real news from the GAO:…

Manning is a weasel traitor with blood on his hands.

If you condone his crimes because he is homosexual you are less than scum.
15, 16: Nobody who cares about the gun issue believes for a second that the goal is "background checks." It's about political control and an ultimate longer term push toward disempowering people you don't like.

The first section of this post does a good job providing context as to why people might feel this way, if anyone cares to read it:…
Long-time Reader @22-23, you appear to have been right the first time. Based on the wikipedia entry for the Adwaita turtle, it died in 2006 age 255 years. The tortoise at the Cairo zoo was reputed to be 270, so it was the oldest known vertebrate ever.
You have to marvel at the evolutionary advantages living so long could give a creature. And it's one of the most ancient reptiles. Surely a design that works.
I love that the government of Bangladesh threw those factory owners in jail. Now if only the US government could rise to that level and put some factory owners in jail here (like the fertilizer plant in TX, mining companies, etc)
"It's about political control and an ultimate longer term push toward disempowering people you don't like."

Its about getting guns out of the hands of white trash fuckers so they don't have shoot outs at gas stations or other public places. Damaging property and possibly killing someone because you read one too many gun nut fairy tales of how a gun saved the day is why gun need to be banned.
30: You pretty much make my point. Fuck off.
Telling people who are concerned about gun violence who want their children to be able to go to a gas station without getting shot to "fuck off" isn't going to help justify your gun fetish. Damn gun nuts are dumb.
Yep. Fuck off. Don't like that? Well, I've got a gun. You don't. Asshole.
The only thing to do about Syria is take the well-regulated militia that is NRA membership and airdrop them into that country, with no return trip.

Win win.
"Yep. Fuck off. Don't like that? Well, I've got a gun. You don't. Asshole."

Exactly the type of mentally unstable individual who should not own a firearm.
Ian Mckellen is going to marry patrick Stewart:…

@35: Yep. Now eat my shorts, dick breath. And tell me how good they taste. Fuckwit.
And gun nuts wonder why their "rights" are under attack. When they can't understand it's not safe to have a shoot out at a gas station it shows why we need big changes to the gun laws.
@37 Hm... It's so reassuring knowing that someone with your emotional control is in possession of loaded guns.
Guys, 5280 is trolling the fuck out of you. He's playing up the whole aggression thing to make you think he's not sane enough to be trusted with a firearm.
528 and his buddy boring are just a couple typical gun owners. They don't have the emotional control to discuss gun laws without wanting to shoot someone. What happens when 528 or boring is walking around with their guns and hears a fact that their ignorant pea brains don't like? They pull out their guns and start shooting damaging property and killing or injuring people.
#39 FTW!!!!!!
@35/41/42 (God, you're a slow learner): Feel free to get back to me when anyone who counts gives a shit what you think. Until then, go fuck yourself.
98% of the country wants backround checks for all gun purchases so people who are retarded (like 528) or dangerous cant get a gun.
Dear gun nuts, you're never going to be Mel Gibson is Braveheart. I know that's hard for you to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts.
And you're never going to enact any form of gun control, which I'm sure is much harder for you to come to terms with.
@46 - I lol'd.
Cairo turtle story turned out to be a hoax:…