Washington Closes Troubling Marital Rape Loophole, to the Relief of Wives


"So wait - you're telling me I can rape my wife?"
This is the sort of thing you hear about happening in Arkansas or Kansas. I'm surprised it was still on the books here.
Damn it. Now I'll NEVER have sex. Raping my husband was my go-to
So if a woman is raped when she's passed out, that's only a 3rd degree rape in WA?
@4 please cite the basis for your conclusion. Here is the definition of second degree rape:

(1) A person is guilty of rape in the second degree when, under circumstances not constituting rape in the first degree, the person engages in sexual intercourse with another person:

(a) By forcible compulsion;

(b) When the victim is incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated;

(c) When the victim is a person with a developmental disability and the perpetrator is a person who is not married to the victim and who:

(i) Has supervisory authority over the victim; or

(ii) Was providing transportation, within the course of his or her employment, to the victim at the time of the offense;
@3 Thank you for making this joke.

Every time I started to write it, my wife cringed like it was somehow inappropriate.
@4 Wait?! Shtooping a passed-out lady's vajayjay is rape?

Well, that's not what I learned in man class back in Stubenville.
We called that 'Friday night'.
Who's joking?

It is pretty much a given now that every bedroom needs a web cam so you can record each act once the accusations fly the morning after. That and signing all the waivers ala Burt Wonderstone.
@3/8 - Rape "jokes" are never, ever funny. Sorry. Even when you flip it around to play the irony card.
I'm mildly uncomfortable asking this question, but what's a usual example of 3rd degree rape? Doesn't force usually come after "no I don't want to" or it simply doesn't happen (if there's no force, she can simple walk away).

I had pictured the passed-out case before @5 pointed out that's second degree.
To the relief of some husbands too I'm sure.
And I just read 3.b in the photo. "Have sex with me or I'll break something you own" "ok, fine" is also a form of rape I hadn't imagined.
Convicted rapists can still sue for custodial and visitation rights in 30 states, including Washington and Oregon.


Colorado just made it illegal for convicted rapists to sue for custodial and visitation rights.


@10 - Sorry, they are sometimes. I'm not saying that the joke in this case was funny, but nothing is "never, ever funny".

Lindy West wrote an excellent piece on rape jokes that work.
Yep. Sometimes they are funny. Don't believe me: watch The Grapist.
And I have only raped my husband once...unless BJ rape counts...like starting a BJ while he's still asleep...if that counts I'm a full blown rapist X100
Washingtonians are slack jawed yokels. Case in point.
No wonder North Korea is locking that guy up.
It was a question, not a conclusion, but you answered it.
@15/16 - I didn't find either cited example to be funny, so maybe it's just lost on me. I generally find myself in agreement with both of your comments on other topics, but in this case my sense-of-humor-meter is still at a dead zero.
@21 Fair enough, but the Grapist kills me...even on the hundredth watch.
I know rape is a serious issue, but my sense of humor tends to be a little warped
Only one legislator voted against the bill: Rep. Elizabeth Scott, a tea party candidate from Monroe. I can't even bring myself to ask why. http://flooractivityext.leg.wa.gov/rollc…
Anyone asked Rep Elizabeth Scott why she voted AGAINST this bill? http://flooractivityext.leg.wa.gov/rollc…
teabaggers are contrarians, by nature. that's why. because all the sane people thought it was a good idea. reason enough.
googling the grapist