Next Generation of Seattle Police To Be Less White and More High


Marijuana isn't globally illegal. Are police candidates allowed to have passports and have traveled to less repressive countries?
You say Cannibas, I say Cannabis; let's smoke this whole thing off.
@2 Your avatar expresses how I feel about that comment!
1- Fun fact - the only country where cannabis is completely legal is actually North Korea - maybe the most repressive country. In the Netherlands small amounts are effectively legal but just because they're not prosecuted.
"It's happening this Saturday, when both Pugel and Whitcomb will be speaking, along with our own Dominic Holden"

No shit! Really? My mind is fucking blown!
Remember, most of our Drug War has been intentionally designed to provide cheap African-American and Hispanic labor to the prison industry complex, to make up for when we got rid of slavery and Jim Crow laws that did the same thing.

It's why black people get arrested so often for what is mostly a white crime.
If they ever got rid of the Marijuana laws entirely, I'd actually consider becoming a cop. Just saying.
I guess we should have an equal proportion of colored cops to colored criminals even though Seattle is 70% white.
#8. UGH.
@Will in Seattle. Thank you.
@9 So, we should have a 70% white police force instead of 76% white, to better reflect the community? I have no problem with that.

You're right, that was disgustingly misleading.

Seattle is 70.1% white, not 70%.