Local High School Gets Mayor's Award for a Now-Banned Curriculum


The annual "Blame Whitey" award?
This is a bright spot in what continues to be an extreme troubling situation. My gut reaction was that of course Mr. Greenberg should be the recipient - but really, it would be better justice if the principal was made to do so instead.
I am uncomfortable with how kids of Canadian or Indian (continent) or Native populations are fed lies.

That said, it's not an easy issue.
This "controversy" is between ONE FAMILY whose child was not prepared for this class and a bunch of scared, coddling enablers who are too afraid of making people mad, versus everyone else in the district. Why is one person being allowed to ruin it for everyone else? Why did they respond so vociferously to a single complaint about something that no one had ever complained about before and many had praised?

It should have been obvious that this was an individual problem that required the individual solution of yanking this kid from a class that was clearly a bad fit for her. Are they afraid she'll be singled out for retribution now that she's pissed everybody off by ruining it for everyone, once it's revealed by her absence that she was the whiner who tried to ruin it for everyone? Well, guess what, pissing people off has consequences. This is a lesson better learned sooner than later, and if she can't handle it she should switch schools. Or they could make it the subject of another courageous conversation.