Under Oath, One Gun Executive Called Gun Control Laws "Common Sense"


But if we are restricted from buying not just multiple but seriously mega-multiple quantities of firearms, how are we going to supply our cities' ongoing gang violence? Like Chicago, where one in five weapons used in crimes comes from just one shop, Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale, IL? This is a SACRED RIGHT, to be a straw buyer for gangs or a nimrod who gets his arsenal taken in a house burglary.

Gun owners are stupid and evil.
But is it Art? http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archive…

As it happens, I don't disagree with Sgr. Beretta - but please do explain why Art is immune from firearms laws in the state of Washington or elsewhere.
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@1: Stupid, evil and apparently remarkably politically efficient, as all of you right-thinking geniuses in your bubbles can't seem to make the peasants bend to your will. Maybe call them names more loudly, this time with feeling?
So the story here is an Italian businessman thought that US sales had a quantity limit.

And they don't and thats some revelation because? Did one of the dozens of page hit gun articles posted here involve someone legally buying large quantities of something and then committed some crime that would be covered by some recently proposed gun control?

no? oh so this is just some distended weird OMG guns post....

oh look Fnarf has an tinfoil hat anecdote, and some ad hominem!
@5, eat shit, asshole. It's not an anecdote, and it's not tin-foil either:



You and your fellow gun fucks are accessories to murder.
And the NRA has done exactly what to keep felons and the insane from getting guns?

Sorry, I used "NRA" and "insane" as if they were different.
People buy multiple guns to sell them on the black market at a profit. You want to find the black market gun dealers, find the people who bought an excess number of guns. Sadly it isn't illegal to sell guns on the black market to people who cannot buy them through legitimate dealers, but it certainly is amoral.
Fun Fact:

Beretta is pulling their manufacturing facility out of Maryland due to the state passing more restrictive gun control legislation.

Fun Fact II:

Beretta has a US based production facility to get around import bans on firearms.

But you guys tend to hate facts, they just aren’t as fun as knee jerk emotional responses aimed at trampling civil rights.

Grind that axe!

I've come to accept The Stranger's gun-control fetish as an amusing sideshow. What other axe do they grind daily?

They seriously pimp the gun-control thing even more than oppressed gays.
@10 Yes, how dare they pimp for the right not to be shot to death because you all are still afraid of the Redcoats or something.

Translation: shut up.

You know, the day of the Newton shooting, the gun nuts reply to any suggestion that guns were the problem was "shut up". Everything they've said since then has been a slight variation of the same thing: "shut up."

Here we are months later, and everyone but the gun nuts is better informed, sharper in their arguments, and more focused in their goals, yet here sit the gun nuts bleating the same old thing: "shut up". That's all they've got.
Hey Fnarf, instead of impotent insults, why don't you go up to the next guy in a NRA, Walther, Beretta, etc, T-shirt and punch them in the face, screaming "Gun owners are stupid and evil, accessories to murder!!!"

C'mon big man, let's see what you got.
@13 Because there's probably someone at that meeting who would respond to impotent insults and the glancing blows of a middle-aged man (sorry, Fnarf) with five rounds to the chest?

A big part of the reason we have a gun problem in this country is because people are so willing to respond to minor confrontations with deadly force. For every news story of a kid accidentally shooting another kid, there's a story about a domestic dispute turned deadly, or a minor fistfight ending in a hail of gunfire. Your comment implies the obvious: too many gun owners are, deep down, pathetic cowards.

As a 'gun nut,' when have I ever bleated 'shut up?'

What I want are workable solutions, not tired, recycled 'guns-are-bad' pabulum.

I see a lot of bitching every day about guns on the SLOG, but no answers. And before you start whining about the gun nuts blocking any progress, I'd like to see the SLOGgers start standing up for what they believe in, which is a gun-free utopia.

It would be less disingenuous and give everybody firm footing to disagree from.
@15 there comes a time when a sane society says enough is enough and stops pissing it's collective pants and does something about an obvious problem.
I'm all for effective solutions that don't curtail my own rights.

As it stands right now, all the guns-are-bad crowd have to offer is feel-good bullshit that will have no effect whatsoever, like 'assault weapon bans' and gun registration. None of which address the perceived problem.
The US government is a peaceful government.
@17 then quit bitching and whining and name some of the effective solutions you'd propose.

Till you can do that your just a cry baby.

@9: Your first "fun fact" is a flat out lie. The company decided not to relocate, and the Maryland legislature made a special provision allowing them to sell and ship items out of state that are banned by the newly proposed laws.

@19: Peace, citizen. America does not have a gun problem. No change is necessary. Gun violence is due to people, not guns, citizen, and we can't attempt to regulate behavior even though that is literally what all laws do in the first place. Go your own way, citizen. Nothing is amiss.