So Long, David Byrd


Oh my stars. Lately, for unknown reasons, I've been thinking about this guy a lot. I knew he was elderly, but I had hoped he'd have more time to enjoy his newfound recognition and success... RIP Mr Byrd, and - thank you.

Wonderful write-up, Jen... Thank you, too.
A beautiful piece and a beautiful story. Thanks.
I was one of those people who "streamed" through the gallery, thrilled with Byrd's paintings - I was surprised to be so taken by his muted colors. By the time I decided that I could and should afford to buy one myself, each of my favorites were already spoken for.

So, knowing he's gone now, a double heartbreak. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. But thank you to Slog and Jen because without you I would never have known about the show and Mr. Byrd.
I saw the earlier article about Mr. Byrd, and called the gallery specifically about one painting that was noted as being "still unsold". I was going to buy it.

But it was more than ten times what I can spend right now for a painting.

I've been following the stories about affordable art, and the cost of fine art these days with interest. I really would like to own more original art, art that I like. I'll have to be happy with prints, I guess. Hrm.
At least Byrd lived just long enough to see his work appreciated. Can't say the same for Van Gogh.

Byrd's story reminds me so much of the artists in this wonderful show that's wrapping up soon at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Great and Mighty Things: Outsider Art from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection. As much as I loved this exhibit, I'm not entirely comfortable with the label "outsider art."
"It's funny how most people love the dead, once you're dead your made for life." Jimi Hendrix
Sweet and bittersweet. Thank you.
I'm so sad to read this. But also stunned and grateful for the uncanny timing that allowed him to experience this show. This all reads like fiction. I loved the show and will always remember his paintings.

Wonderfully thoughtful and touching article Jen. I also enjoyed your revue of his exhibition at Greg Kucera Gallery. Greg's article is also heart warming. This is a most amazing story of David Byrd, full of happy coincidences of chance. You are right Susanna, this does read like fiction. I'm sure David felt the love of many in his last 9 months after first meeting Jody.
A prolific artist .A wonderful story.So long painter.