School District May Transfer Teacher Whose Race and Social Justice Curriculum Drew Controversy


The school district needs a hundred more teachers like Greenberg. They should be kissing his feet for being willing to work for them at all, not punitively shoving him off to a middle school where he won't be able to teach a race and social justice class like that.

Bad move, SSD.
That's a big get for Hamilton, inappropriate, backhanded or whatever.
Sounds like the school district needs some of these...…
Thanks for your great coverage on this, Anna.
Without Mr Greenberg, and all of his efforts this year, I do not think my child would have graduated with her class. He kept her interested in school and kept me informed at every turn. I wish more teachers were like him.
I also know one of his current students. She is furious about all the BS that's been going on. Today she told me that he's also been barred from participating in their graduation. All thanks to this one student and his parents. Insanity.
Thanks for the great coverage of this issue. One family should not be able to direct curriculum or personnel decisions in the district.

This and a many other issues demonstrate, I am afraid, that Banda (who I had high hopes for) is continuing a pattern of incompetent district administration.
Those who are disgusted with the punitive response of the district should complain to the district Ombudsman:…
my my.

if the offended student were a homosexual in a Mississippi high school you good liberals would be singing a different story.

glad to see your bully hero slapped down.

may more follow.......
Where is the Principal in all of this?
Americans are working very hard to get the schools they deserve. That's sarcasm just so you know.
I still can't believe there's a high school in the Seattle center. How many students go there? Seems like a waste of money.
What is wrong with these people? How many people have to tell them that this teacher and his class are great before they realize that the one family who had a problem represent nobody but themselves? Why on Earth are the opinions of one family being considered so important as to outweigh thousands? Are they just digging in their heels because they don't want to admit to having gotten one wrong? Well, they ought to be advised, that NEVER WORKS. The more you try to resist a thunder of voices telling you you're wrong, the more enraged they become and the worse off you'll be when you are finally forced to give in. Just cave to the majority, let Greenberg return to his teaching as if nothing happened and let the issue drop already.
It should be noted that while Greenberg is great with most kids, he is also very arrogant with adults who he sees as disagreeing with him or he sees as competition.

I hope he continues to teach and teach this curriculum, but he has offended many people unnecessarily.

I am very sorry to see Greenberg go through this, but there is a part of me that wonders if he was not hoping for this on some level. He always wanted attention and to be a righteous hero.
My daughter is a student at this school. I have contacted the principal, the superintendent AND the Ombudsman about this and have heard nothing back from them.

This witch hunt is outrageous and terribly disheartening to everyone involved. If they are trying to shut voices down, they are going to fail. This issue won't be going away anytime soon.
@9 you sound like you have a personal stake in this issue.
@12 ~ It doesn't sound like you have any idea what kind of incredibly unique place The Center School is, what the mission of the school is, or pretty much anything at all about it. TCS is not like any other school in the Seattle School District. It encourages actual thought, not rote trgurgitation. I was lucky enough to teach there for a semester. Waste of money? Sounds like you're the type to kill anything you don't understand. That's the essence of the whole problem.

oh, we understand.

that is why this asshole is getting the boot.


you sound like you have a pit bull's dick in your mouth.
@12, thank you for disclosing your ignorance. It allows everyone to know that we should disregard your uninformed opinion.
@18 You sound very young and inexperienced - like a fragile flower.
@17 it sounds like a school filled with a few rich privileged kids. The money would be better spent fixing or building schools that serve a lot of kids, not just the few privileged kids in queen Anne.
@17 something can't be "incredibly unique", I hope you weren't teaching English there.
This is what school standardization looks like, darlings.