Occupy Gezi


I find it pretty stunning that people would compare the whinings of underemployed liberal arts major anarchists with the desperate attempts of the Turkish people to keep their government from sliding into a theocracy and undoing 100 years of progress.

This is why the rest of the world hates us.
Terrific montage, Brendan—thanks so much. I hope lots more people read this.
@1 You seem to have deliberately misread the most common elements of these analysis. It is Ergodan's corrupt alliance with corporate power and money, which has finally reached a degree that is pushing people of all backgrounds over the edge. If you don't see the steady increase in the power of corporations over the government and our individual lives here in the United States, than you are simply blind. The phenomena in the countries are not exactly the same, but the same consolidation of corporate power transcends national boundaries.

I won't even get in to what your statement says about your lack of understanding of Turkish and Ottoman history.
@3: Your comments indicate that you don't know any actual Turks, haven't followed recent Turkish history, and don't understand why Turks are choosing this moment to protest.

Start here: http://www.economist.com/blogs/charlemag…. "What joins them is the common sentiment that an increasingly autocratic Mr Erdogan is determined to impose his worldview."

What's going on in Turkey bears little resemblance to the Occupy movement, and certainly isn't about "Ergodan's corrupt alliance with corporate power and money". Turks like jobs as much as the rest of Europe. What they can't allow is the country sliding towards theocracy.
@4, nicely put, nicely linked. Thanks.