Center School Staff and Students Plan to Protest at School Board Meeting Tonight


unrelated to the Greenberg situation, but i sure wish someone would ask/demand-to-know why a math textbook series that everyone and his dog knows is ineffectual and deleterious keeps being voted (narrowly) into use (@#$!). see Cliff Mass:…

What typical, and juvenile, Stranger copy. It begins in the first person, ends in a cuss word.
This guy is amazing and taught both my German exchange daughters, and they LOVED his and his class. He had a major impact on teaching them about America, social injustice in America, racism, etc. The parents complaining should move their student, not remove a teacher who has had years of such intensely positive impact on not only Seattlites, but kids from all over the WORLD. KEEP JON GREENBERG AT CENTER SCHOOL.
So where is the teacher's union in all this?
So... are you going to write more about this issue?
One of the graduating seniors gave a pretty great, scathing speech last night at the Graduation ceremony. You should get your hands on a copy of it.