Turkish Protesters Down But Not Out


"[D]o away with normative hierarchies"? What do you think those protesters want? This is a broad coalition in a way that Occupy couldn't get close to.

Your naivete is not charming.
That's a beautiful photograph. Do you know what kind of camera was used?
"Any attempt to create a new world - a grandiose way of saying, do away with normative hierarchies - must be snuffed out. That's the logic of the state, anyway."

Please don't ignore the fact that 50 years ago today, federal marshals, the federalized Alabama National Guard, and a Deputy Attorney General started doing away with the "normative hierarchy" of the white supremacy of the University of Alabama.

It's dangerous to use a broad brush to paint "the state" in any one way, especially in this country.
@3 - Ken Mehlman: Optimist, Hero of the People, and Ardent Democratist.
Let's hope they have a program like PRISM in Turkey so that they can catch all of these people. That is what all the statists here would support, right?
Occupy did survive violent crackdowns. In fact it was the violent crackdown on the original New York Occupy Wall Street that made the movement a Big Deal.

Occupy didn't survive being ignored after failing to change everything in three months, which was the requirement evidently.
That's some sweet ass violence, rocks flying at 100mph! Hope someone with kids lost an eye, you know, if s/he's one of the bad guys.
@4: I appreciate the point, but the way you frame it is totally wrong. The US government was founded on racism and now incarcerates more black people than were enslaved. The moment you refer to was a concession by the state to a powerful social movement, which, incidentally is what #OccupyGezi is trying to be.
Hey Ansel?

Gezi Park and Taksim Square are not the same place.

Police spent Tuesday clearing protestor out of Taksim, while leaving Gezi alone, just like Istanbul's Governor Mutlu said they would.

This is more complicated than "dirty right-wing cops vs. The People"; the intention appears to be to crack down on the football hooligans while allowing peaceful protesters to remain in Gezi.

Which I suspect will not work out so well; I for one expect the violent, radicalized protestors will be quick to use nonviolent liberals for cover, both physical and ideological.
@7 No one of any significance ever took Occupy seriously from day one. The passed out bums, OD'ing junkies, rapes, public defecation, and Ave rats with Che shirts ensured that.

@9 There's a reason so many black males are in the criminal justice system, they behave the worst. Sad but true and it's too bad that reality makes so many uncomfortable they create news black outs (see Chicago gun violence) when they should be willing to hurt their feelings to maybe solve it. You'll notice their incarceration rates are about the same as the drop out rates and illegitimate birth rates. It that also a conspiracy? The inability to stay in the best funded schools and use condoms?

So, behaving bad for one people is protesting against "normative hierarchies" for another.

Kind of like this ABC What Would You Do Next showing the differing reaction of a crowd to first a white and a then a black bicycle thief:


Frisbee golf, anyone?

@9 Kennedy, Johnson, King...that's how I like my democracy to operate. The government was elected by a movement. And if you think the most fundamental idea underlying the foundation of this country was racial supremacy, I would be happy to hear your argument. I'll by the first round.
To cut the bunch off at the pass, I'm familiar with the various sorts corruption each of the men I named were known for. I also know the difference between "by" and "buy".
Any attempt to create a new world—a grandiose way of saying, do away with normative hierarchicies—must be snuffed out. That's the logic of the state, anyway.

Nope. That's the logic of those who control the state to do their business. There is noting inherent to the concept of the state that makes it oppressive.

@11 - "Sad but true"

You are so full of shit. Go back to stormfront.