"I was hoping this video ended with you getting punched in the face."


Hey, it's a first step, most of us will come round to the understanding we are horrible persons. It's those who have a sense of conscience who will barely audibly stray away from the sheep and their herders.
that guys is a pussy
How does anyone get startled so easily?
Must be a French thing
I'm not buying it. Who is consistently that easy to frighten at work, and that uniform in their response?
What a drama queen.
Also a dick for not knowing how to hold his phone correctly when video recording.
I wondered if maybe that guy is slightly autistic or something, so that anything unexpected throws a wrench into his established pattern. In which case, yes, out of bounds IMO. He didn't seem to find it funny.
Maybe the first time it was funny but became too repetitive.

Is the iphone operator doing any work at all?
I was hoping to see what the guy with the phone looked like. Maybe he's super deformed from a horrific injury, and the guy he keeps scaring accidentally caused him the injury. Maybe then his reaction is almost expected. Like OMG YOU'RE HIDEOUS, QUIET, AND A JERK... AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT.
I don't get it.
No, you can get scared over and over and again and again. Trust me. I was shrieking just watching this video! AAAH!
@6 Has it. Person filming this is lucky enough to work with a very special, hard working person and yet treats him like shit. The top comment from YouTube is appropriate.
The victim might also have a slight hearing impairment, making it easy to sneak up on him. Anybody who would startle someone who is using an electric slicer is deeply irresponsible and asinine. I hope the guy with the phone got fired.
I'm not saying that video is true or not, I'm just saying a video just like that could be made of me at my office, almost down to the tone of that yell. Some of us startle easy. The difference might be a broken camera though.
I refuse to watch videos that are improperly formatted
You'd love my new BlackBerry Q10, Urgutha. It shoots square videos.