City Program Helping Food Stamp Users Buy More Produce Starts Up Again This Week


Can you feed a family of 4 on $5 heirloom tomatoes, $8 wedges of chèvre and $25/lb Vashon island lamb?
To be fair, there is some semi-regular produce available at farmers markets. This short circuits, in a tiny way, the flow of public subsidy dollars to large corporations.

What i would prefer is a medicaid model, where food subsidies would only be reimbursed at a lower rate than retail, and vendors are required to accept them as a condition of doing business in the state.
@ Troll,
I hear that same BS from people here in Minneapolis too. Waaahhhh farmers markets are sooooo very expensive. Waaahhhhhh! Bullshit! Have you ever been to a farmers market in your life? I got all of my veggies for a week at the farmers market last weekend for under $20. $1 for a bunch of radishes, $5 for 4 avocados and 3 large cucumbers, $3 for a large bag of fingerling potatoes. $3 for a bag of tomatoes. The prices are mostly comparable or even cheaper than the grocery store and the veggies are fresher, tastier and probably healthier than the grocery store.

Those same $5 heirloom tomatoes are available at the farmers market and the grocery store but are not the only tomatoes available at each.
This article explained the program poorly. I'm on SNAP and used this program yesterday. I "buy" $10.00 worth of tokens with my SNAP funds. This program then gives me a matching $10.00 of vouchers. The program is limited to this $10/$10 amount. The city-funded vouchers are ONLY good for produce, not cheese, fish, meat or other really expensive non-produce stuff. I got $10.00 of extra money to buy fruit and veggies, and I'm enjoying them very much, thank you.