The California Prison Strike: Day Five


Brendan, thank you so much for keeping this in the news. It's good to see somebody in Seattle media giving space to this very important event. You rock.
I have done California criminal defense work for several years, and the "justice system" down there is a joke. The prison system is broken beyond repair as well. And of course, anyone who attempts to suggest that just perhaps we should rethink sentencing, prosecutions, or the application of due process in appeals is shot down by a voting public that is terrified of crime. It's not going to be an easy nut to crack – just think of how long it has taken to get some sort of sanity over *marijuana* fergoshsake.

Don't you wish Rose Bird, Cruz Reynoso and Joseph Grodin were still on the California Supreme Court?
@1 no doubt! Three comments already! Now 4!
More savings on the food costs!