The FBI Is Approaching Seattle Climate-Change Activists


It depends on what the meaning of is is.
So nobody was arrested, no-one was forced to do anything against their will, we don't know what the FBI is investigating, and it seems none of the people contacted are directly involved in it, whatever it is.

Can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to be outraged about? Am I expected to simply oppose any FBI contact with average citizens at all, on the grounds that it's the FBI and they're investigating something?
Hmm, it seems Rising Tide has roots in Earth First! gatherings, so that might give some hint as to what sort of thing the FBI might be interested in— though again, it seems neither the people questioned, nor Rising Tide itself, are directly involved in the, er, more problematic end of environmental activism.
Important to refer to a story of the private army guarding a pending Iron Mine site in Wisconsin.…
Environmental Activists will be faced with such a threat. The F.B.I. knows the word about Wisconsin is spreading fast and has taken it upon themselves to spearhead threat assessments against Eminent Domain for Energy Extraction (EDEE)*
The U.S. faces two options for when the Chinese come to collect on the debt. Turn over real property, or dig as hard and fast as possible for raw materials to sell to China so the land is kept in the hands of the U.S. (who ever the hell that is).
*cool, just made that up.
@ 2. No outrage necessary. Just thought some people might be interested.
If the FBI or any police comes to your door and wants to ask you questions, politely decline. And share this video with friends.…

If I'm not expected to be outraged, then what was the purpose of Rising Tide's press release?
I'm not outraged at all. There's a reason why the only people on the FBI's Terrorist Watch List who aren't Muslims are ecoterrorists.
Welcome to American democracy: indistinguishable from Soviet totalitarianism.
Obviously, this is why the CIA, NSA, DHS and FBI are incapable of ever stopping any terrorist attacks, 'cause they are too concerned with protecting the Wall Streeters.

Most likely the FBI is working on behalf of either/and Chevron, Warren Buffet et al.:…

And along with that reasoning,……
@9 is that a joke? Because its certainly a lie.
@9: Good thing you don't need to worry about climate change activism in Colorado, where every year the state purges itself of undesirable homes and volunteers through the cleansing ritual of giant forest fires. But watch out for scary Muslims!
@2 Those are your tax dollars are being spent on yet another fishing expedition by the FBI. I get pissed off at these things both as a taxpayer and as someone who doesn't like free speech rights being chilled.
how are these white, privileged, radicals any better than teabaggers? they hate cities, they hate the federal government and they hate progress.

If you don't even know what they're investigating, how can you know it's a "fishing expedition?"

From what little information we have, the FBI seems to be interested in particular individuals. Maybe those individuals are up to no good, and maybe not— but should we characterize every law enforcement investigation as a "fishing expedition" right up until it actually produces usable evidence?
@9 you forgot Cascadian separatists.
#17 go back to sleep RS, everything is fine, forget you ever read that agitprop from environmentalists, if they did nothing wrong they have nothing to worry about, right?

Fancy seeing you turn up in this thread, days later.

It's almost as if these outraged environmental activists were anarchists or something.
Shhhhh, it's ok, turn on some Coldplay, close your eyes, no bad anarchist are gonna scare you, FBI is here so you can sleep.
The ignorance is appalling. Once again, from a nominally liberal or progressive reader base, comes continuing invitation and open arms to a fascist state.
Y'all really need to read some books, people.
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