Old Queen Moves Quickly...



[But since when has it been Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet...Periwinkle?]
Huzzah! That dame has class!
The Crown's power to veto an act of Parliament is pretty much theoretical nowadays; the last monarch to veto an act was George IV in the 1820s, who several times refused Royal Assent to a bill that would have let Catholics hold public office (he did end up giving assent in 1829.) Royal veto has not been used since.

So regardless of the Queen's personal feelings, she had no effective choice but to give Assent; refusing would have caused a constitutional crisis and very likely would have ended the monarchy.
And my British straight marriage is still completely unruined. Who'd have thought. I did divorce once, but that was because he was a lazy slob, not because Elton John.
Yay! I take back all those mean things I said about the corgis.
@1 - I was going to say something about it being a metric rainbow, but I guess that would properly have ten colors.
@5: nice Baconcat baiting...

Hooray for the queer old dean!
Hah! The rainbow queens cracks me up. Thanks for that.

Oh, and yay for marriage equality in England & Wales. Now it's time for Scotland and Ireland to catch up.
I'm pretty sure that should be a period, not a coma, Right?
Yay!! It gets better in the UK, too!!

C'mon Scotland - and Ireland, too, but I know it'll take you guys a while longer.......
@1 It's ROYGBIV! A proper science rainbow.
So... in the article, it said that the Anglican church still can't perform same-sex ceremonies. Anyone know why? Does the queen not decide that?
Belize: Look at that heady sky.
Louis: Purple.
Belize: Purple? Boy, what kind of homosexual are you? That's not purple, Mary! That color out there...is MAUVE.

Angels in America, Tony Kushner
@12, The Queen is the Supreme Governor of the C of E, the Archbishop of Canterbury is in fact the head of the church. In any case I believe it was part of the legislation [to make it palatable to conservatives] that churches would have to "opt in" and the C of E was actually prohibited from doing so.

I think I have that mostly right.

@13, a great line.
Matching hats... that's what I need. Thanks!
Ophian @14: I'm going to guess you at least minored in religious studies. I went to USF, a Jesuit university, for two years before I transferred to Berkeley and it made an impression. Which is my roundabout way of saying I find church nerds hot.
@9 semicolon
@16, nah...art school drop-out, myself. But I am a comparative religion geek. Favorite topic: serpent as symbol, and its inversion in the Abrahamic traditions [Ophian is a reference to early gnostic 'snake' sects]. ;)

@18: I stand corrected, serpentine. Apart from that, just take the compliment, dork. :)
OMG, surrounded by word nerds and comparative religion dorks!

I've found my people!
@19, gladly, lolo dear.

@20, welcome clashfan.
And here I thought Mr O ran an Evilswarm deck.
@1: the original design for the LGBT rainbow flag had seven colors (or colours, in this case) although it's rare to see that now. So "since when" would have been about 1980 or so.
@23, I see. The original original 1978 eight-banded flag means nothing to you. Fine.*

*And anyhow none of them used periwinkle...or is that a light lilac?
Mr V @22, I had to look up Evilswarm...I didn't know there was an Ophion. Same etymology...different referent.

I rather like "Mr. O", very kind of Histoire d', or Kafaka, or Russian realist: Mr. O_____.

Appelez-moi M. O, s'il vous plait.
@26: Ophian is also a death metal band, which happens to be my one of my few musical blindspots.
@25: technically, yes. The original original 1977 flag had a hot pink stripe at the top. However those were hand stitched flags. Demand for the flag spiked after the assassination of Harvey Milk in 1978, so hand-stitched flags were no longer practical; the materials for the pink strip were hard to obtain, so the number of stripes was reduced to seven, then finally stablized at six after about 1979-1980.
@1 and@25:
On my screen it presents definitely as lilac!
(Periwinkle would be more blue, wouldn't it?)